5 Easy Steps to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

There’s a lot of content all over the internet telling you how to make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest. And they are right! You can make money using Pinterest to share affiliate links.

But it’s not what most gurus are teaching. Today I’m going to share with you five tips to use Pinterest the right way for affiliate marketing.

The Truth About How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Now, I have to drop a quick bomb that the gurus don’t tell you. Making affiliate money with Pinterest takes time, effort and strategy, just like anything else. There is no magic that will make money start flowing without work. You can make your work smarter and easier, and I’ll share that with you.

Despite people telling you everywhere that all you need is to post your affiliate links to Pinterest for the money to start flowing, the best way to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing is to have a website with blogs where you’ll share the links.

“The best way to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing is to have a website with blogs where you’ll share the links.”

And this is what most gurus fail to tell you. Just posting your links will not make people start seeing your stuff and buying, period. It doesn’t matter what you saw on another video.

The other day someone even asked me to teach how to use a board board as a website to start making money. Sheesh, there is no such thing in real life!

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5 Tips to Follow That Will Actually Work

If you are serious about making serious money with affiliate marketing for the long run, roll up your sleeves and do this:

1. Create a website

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s fine to use a low cost Wix, Shopify or even Show It site to begin with. You can DIY or hire help. You can go for WordPress if you want. Your website should have:

  • Home page
  • About section
  • Blog

Just as simple as that. Your website is where you will write about those products you are an affiliate for.

See, if you think about it, unless you tell people about the product and give them reasons to buy, they won’t buy. They may not even know about this product, course or service you want them to buy. 

And even though Pinterest is ok with certain affiliate programs, they may not always allow them. For example, Amazon affiliate links have historically been in and out of Pinterest. 

Having a website where your content and links live fixes that problem. You have control over what you have on your website.

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2. Create a Pinterest business account

Now that you have your website: 

  1. Create your Pinterest account
  2. Claim and verify your website
  3. Research your keywords
  4. Optimize your profile 

This is where your images and videos will live so people can see them, get excited about them, click, go to your website, learn more and finally buy!

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3. Plan the content you’ll be sharing on Pinterest

You’ll need images and videos. You can repurpose video reviews, TikToks, Reels and other content as long as you resize, tweak and follow Pinterest best practices, such as using keywords, creating titles and descriptions for your pins and publishing to the right boards

When doing this, make sure to add the links to your blogs where you talk about the products and links. Don’t just use your affiliate links here. The idea is to get people to click on the pin and go to your website where your affiliate links live.

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4. Create and follow a pinning strategy

Just posting once in a blue moon, won’t do the trick. You have to create and publish new images and videos consistently. For results, the least you should do is to follow my lazy Pinterest pinning strategy, a very low maintenance strategy that overtime will get people to see your content, click on it and buy.

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5. Stay updated on Pinterest best practices and trending content

By learning about how Pinterest works, your strategy will become more effective and give you better results. You can grab my Pinterest on Fire ebook and learn how to go beyond the basics for less than a movie date night. 

Make sure to give people more of what they want. It’s important to stay current with the products and offers you have. After all, you won’t be successful trying to sell things people aren’t looking for.

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