I found I had a passion for connecting with other businesses online and helping them grow their social media presence. I began working with a company as an intern, creating social media graphics and infographics. This led to a love of Pinterest management in early 2016. Soon after, I became obsessed with growing local Instagram pages and finding the right way to target locally.

As a social media manager and Facebook Ads marketer, I love applying the latest strategies and techniques to help keep my client’s profiles growing and attracting their target market. I love watching businesses reach new customers, explode their growth and expand their revenue through the aid of Pinterest and Instagram.


Get To Know Me

I live in Tampa, FL with my wonderful partner and children who keep me busy from morning til night! When I’m not chasing after kids or working with clients, you can find me lounging by the pool or in the gym pounding the iron, lifting heavy things! I have a Bachelor’s in Law and I am a certified Personal Trainer.


Pinterest Wins

Coaching and Fitness

  • Organic Pinterest
  • From 3k to 8k followers on Pinterest (average 100 followers increase weekly)
  • Pinterest became the 2nd traffic lead (Google is first). Up to 1k daily clicks with organic traffic only, basic scheduling plan

Lifestyle Blogging

  • Organic Pinterest 
  • From 130 to 2,300 followers in 9 months
  • Website traffic went from 1K a month to 40K average, with peak at 15.5 K in one day, Nov/18
  • Pinterest daily viewers went from to 1.3M (hitting marks of 2M during peak season)

Travel Lifestyle/Blogging

  • 62% increase in Pinterest sessions in the first 10 days
  • 44% increase in daily viewers in the first 10 days

Business Coaching

  • Organic Pinterest
  • Pinterest daily viewers went from 2 to 45.7K in 3 months


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