Tereza Toledo

The Best Time To Pin On Pinterest

So you’ve created your content, and it’s totally ready to go. You’ve got it all set up and ready to be scheduled for Facebook, Reels, TikTok, and of course, Pinterest. It looks great, sounds great, and now you just need to schedule. But when is the best time for pinning on Pinterest? What days of the week are best to pin your content? Is there a specific time of day that you should be pinning on Pinterest? 

What Pins Are Best Performing On Pinterest

 Before we go further, let’s remember: Idea Pins are the pins that look a little bit like Reels, where there are several pages or a single page where you mix and match images and videos. You can create these in the app and add text overlays and voiceovers– they’re very versatile. You can do a lot of things with them. You can even add stickers with your products or tag someone. Pinterest is even testing links with Idea Pins!