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Is Your Business Ready to Be on Pinterest?

By Shadi Mattar / 2:05 pm

Pinterest readiness checklist Most people bundle Pinterest in with all the other social media giants, but did you know that there is actually nothing social about Pinterest? Pinterest is actually a search and discovery engine, which means, it’s a platform where people go to find products and services, learn new things and be inspired by […]

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How to Get Traffic to Your Website (Super Fast!) Using Pinterest in 2021

By Tereza Toledo / 1:59 pm

5 Simple tips to use Pinterest as a traffic generating machine! How do you get the most out of Pinterest? First, always keep in mind Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is a visual search engine. To get the most out of Pinterest and use it as a  traffic generating machine, implement these […]

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How to Create Pin and Board Titles for Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 2:03 pm

Do you know how to create pin and board titles for Pinterest? If you have been wondering how best to do this, then continue reading to find out how.  What Are Pin Titles? A Pin title is like a blog post title, but it is used for a Pinterest pin. It will show in bold […]

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Do You Need Group Boards to Succeed on Pinterest?

By Tereza Toledo / 1:54 pm

First of all, what are Group Boards on Pinterest? A Group Board allows you to invite or accept people to the board so that you can all contribute to the board together. In other words, it allows multiple people to pin on one board.  Group Boards were a big hit back in 2018 and were […]

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5 Smart Tips to Create Scroll-Stopping Pinterest Pin Images

By Tereza Toledo / 11:05 pm

Let’s talk pin design! I have 5 helpful tips that will help you create powerful, scroll-stopping Pinterest pin images. Full disclosure, I am not a Graphic Designer, but I have been designing successful pins for over 4 years.  1. Be Mindful When Choosing Images When you choose the image for your pin, whether it is […]

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7 Tips to Make a Pin go Viral

By Tereza Toledo / 10:43 pm

Just a few years ago it was fairly easy to get a pin to go viral. There didn’t necessarily have to be anything special about it, you didn’t have to promote it, and it could almost effortlessly go viral organically. Nowadays, it’s a bit harder to get a pin to go viral organically. The reason? […]

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How to Create Pin and Board Titles for Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 5:27 pm

Learn how to use keyword research on Pinterest to create effective pin and board titles,

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What to Do if Your Pinterest Reach and Views Dropped in 2020

By Tereza Toledo / 8:04 pm

Why are my Pinterest views decreasing and how can I fix it?   If you use Pinterest for your business or for blogging, you most likely have noticed the changes taking place on Pinterest. More specifically, a decrease in reach and views. Pinterest wants the user experience to be more diverse, meaning they are introducing […]

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Pinterest FAQ’s: 4 Things You Need To Know To Have Success

By Tereza Toledo / 1:06 pm

If you have been following me for very long, you know that I could talk about Pinterest all day long and sometimes…I do! And in many of my conversations I have had with people that are new to Pinterest, there are some questions that are ALWAYS asked. For example, 4 of the most frequent questions […]

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Woman creating Pinterest marketing content on laptop

10 Reasons Why Your Business Must Be on Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 8:10 am

Should my business be on Pinterest? What will Pinterest do for my business? Why should my business be on Pinterest? If you are asking yourself these questions, here are 10 reasons why! New to Pinterest? Here’s my “How to get your Pinterest account up and running in 30 minutes or less!” free starting guide: ➡️ […]

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