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How to Use Pinterest Trends for Growth and Content Creation

By Tereza Toledo / 7:29 am

It seems like there is always something changing with our favorite platforms. Unfortunately, Pinterest is no different. In order to maximize your online marketing strategy, you’ll have to learn to adapt and grow with each new change or update Pinterest rolls out. In a world where you need to be continuously marketing, adapting can feel […]

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What Makes Pinterest a Hybrid Platform?

By Tereza Toledo / 3:58 pm

Pinterest expert Tereza Toledo shares more about how Pinterest is shifting towards social elements. Pinterest is a hybrid platform.

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How the Apple IOS 14 Update Affects Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 2:48 pm

Pinterest expert Tereza Toledo shares how the new Apple IOS 14 update affects Pinterest-promoted ads and ad campaigns.

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Can Pinterest Help Your Social Channels Grow?

By Tereza Toledo / 2:29 pm

Pinterest expert Tereza Toledo discusses if people can grow their Pinterest accounts by sharing Instagram posts to Pinterest.

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Pinterest Marketing Strategies: What Changed from 2018 to 2021

By Tereza Toledo / 12:32 pm

Pinterest expert Tereza Toledo discusses useful Pinterest marketing strategies for 2021 and what has changed since 2018.

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Positivity and Kindness Matter on Pinterest: The Creator Code

By Tereza Toledo / 12:18 am

What if we could all have a more inspiring, more positive, and safer internet experience?  That’s exactly what Pinterest is trying to accomplish with their newest addition to the platform: The Creator Code. Online, it can be difficult to find a space that feels safe and inclusive and it can be even harder to locate […]

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Why Pinning Your TikToks to Pinterest Isn’t Helping Your Pinterest Account

By Tereza Toledo / 11:56 pm

Pinterest expert Tereza Toledo discusses why sharing TikTok videos to Pinterest isn’t helping your Pinterest account.

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How to Start on Pinterest: A Quick Guide to Creating a Business Pinterest Account

By Tereza Toledo / 11:47 pm

Have you ever thought of Pinterest as just another social media platform? The truth is, it’s not. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it social. It’s visual. And that’s what makes it such an important tool for you and your business. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of available platforms to promote […]

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People are still using Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 3:54 pm

Businesses can use Pinterest to increase traffic to their desired location. 450 million people use Pinterest monthly.

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