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What is Pinterest TV? How Does It Work and How to Watch it

By Tereza Toledo / 9:55 am

Pinterest is a place for people to discover, try, and buy creative ideas in a range of categories including food, beauty, fashion, home and DIY. With new shopping and creator experiences available, Pinners are engaging in more immersive formats with interactive entertainment than they ever have before. As part of its pivot from being solely […]

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PINTEREST PREDICTS: Design and Decor Trends for 2022

By Tereza Toledo / 8:02 am

Looking ahead to the new year, Pinterest has released a report of the top design and decor trends that will be trending in 2022. Some of these trends may seem a little far-fetched now, but they are all things that have been gaining traction on the platform over the past year and are likely to […]

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Pinterest Predicts: The Next Biggest fashion and beauty Trends for 2022

By Tereza Toledo / 9:21 am

Pinterest just released its yearly prediction report: Pinterest Predicts 2022!  I’m a huge fan of this report! This is not your average yearly trends report, but it’s a prediction of trends that we’ll see in the upcoming year. This list isn’t only for Pinterest, but it’s pretty much a prediction of what we’ll see trending […]

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How To Start With Pinterest Marketing

By Tereza Toledo / 8:53 pm

Learn how to start with Pinterest Marketing and create a solid Pinterest strategy

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Pinterest‌ ‌Myths‌ ‌You‌ ‌Still‌ ‌Believe‌ ‌In‌

By Tereza Toledo / 7:19 pm

Pinterest myths people still believe in and the truth about Pinterest benefits and how to use Pinterest

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5 Mistakes you are Making on Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 7:11 pm

How to stop making common mistakes on Pinterest and learn how to use Pinterest.

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Guest Post: How to Get Perfect-fit Clients on Your Email List (on Autopilot!) – using Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 3:42 pm

How to grow your email list using Pinterest. Simple tips to grow your email list!

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Changes Are Coming to Pinterest: What’s New On the Platform?

By Tereza Toledo / 3:04 pm

Learn how to navigate the new platform changes coming to Pinterest. Helpful Pinterest tips to help you create an effective Pinterest Strategy.

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How To Create Pins That Go Viral

By Tereza Toledo / 1:36 pm

Use these helpful Pinterest tips to help create a viral pin on Pinterest. What are viral pins and how can you make a pin go viral?

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