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Why Having an Optimized Pinterest Account is a Good Idea Before Running Promoted Pins

By Tereza Toledo / 9:36 am

Pinterest ads (promoted pins) are exploding and the platform is a great venue to market your brand or product. Should you jump right in the pay-to-play game if your account has just been created? What if you don’t have content created yet? Why do you want to run a promotion? The why behind it holds […]

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Do Pinterest Views Matter?

By Tereza Toledo / 6:47 pm

Do Pinterest Views Matter? Should You be Focusing on This Metric? I see the debate of people who say that Pinterest’s monthly views are just vanity metrics and people who see them as a measure of success in the platform all the time. I get it, looking at this big number growing day after day […]

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How to Cleanup Your Pinterest Profile Marie Kondo Style

By Tereza Toledo / 5:55 pm

4 Simple Steps to Clean-Up and Optimize Your Pinterest Profil As we’ve learned from Marie Kondo, keeping things cleaned up and organized helps with not only your everyday life but also with productivity. Your Pinterest profile should be no different. Having a clean profile sends a message that you are well organized, your mission statement […]

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Apple computer keyboard with text saying how to set up rich pins using a wordpress website

How to Set Up Rich Pins for Pinterest – WordPress Website

By Tereza Toledo / 11:38 am

You have a business profile on Pinterest, you’ve claimed your website, you know what are Rich Pins , what’s the next step? It’s to set up, enable and apply for Rich Pins. How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest when you have a WordPress website may seem like a daunting process, but it’s actually […]

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Notebook and gold accents with text saying what are rich pins and how to set them up for wordpress

What Are Rich Pins? How to get them?

By Tereza Toledo / 8:54 am

What are Rich Pins? How to get them? Are Rich Pins free? These are questions I get asked frequently. Pinterest can be overwhelming, a seemingly secret platform that not many people dare to venture. In reality, it’s much easier than we think. Rich Pins, for example. They sound like something fancy that only big accounts […]

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How to Increase Your Traffic Using Pinterest

How to Increase Your Revenue by Using Pinterest

By Tereza Toledo / 9:35 am

Most people think of Pinterest as a way to search for recipes, birthday party ideas, and arts and crafts. It may have been that way when Pinterest first began in 2010, but over the past several years, it has become one of the most popular ways to increase revenue for businesses. In fact, nowadays if […]

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