Grow Your Pinterest Account: VIDEOS OR IDEA PINS?


Idea pins are the newest feature that Pinterest offers. Not all accounts have story pin access but most business accounts in the US do have access. If you do not have access to idea pins, you can request access but you may have to wait a bit.

Idea pins are a great feature that allow you to share more impromptu pins. You can mix and match up to 20 video and still images to create really amazing content for your audience. You can create idea pins using your phone or desktop computer. It’s amazing for engagement and attracting an engaged audience, and of course more followers. Learn more about idea pins here.


Video pins are also amazing. They were introduced over a year ago in 2019. Pinterest started offering video pins in order to get people to spend more time on the platform. For video pins you can create not only little moving pins, but you can also share tutorials, repurpose information you have already shared on other platforms, etc. provided it’s the correct Pinterest size. You can teach, you can talk about what you’re selling, you can showcase the services you offer and so much more. One of the great things about a video pin is your viewers can click on it and then click back to your content or to your product. 

Once Pinterest introduced idea pins, video pins slowed down and got less traction. Idea pins were all the rage. I’ve noticed now they are leveling out. They are both getting traction and new steady content is also getting traction.


In order for you to succeed on Pinterest now, it’s important to have a wholesome strategy on the type of content that you’re sharing or at least how you are sharing content on the platform. First things first, Keyword research, optimized profile, creating new pins, and then adding in layers of video pins and story pins will help to grow your Pinterest account. 

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