How to Make Sure Your Pinterest Account Continues To grow Even When The algorithm Changes

One of the challenges that most face when using Pinterest to market their businesses is also one of the beauties the platform offers: it’s always changing! Pinterest engineers are always working to provide the best possible experience for Pinterest users, aka Pinners.

The platform is constantly monitoring user behavior and is always looking for ways to make the “Pinterest Experience” fresh and exciting for the user. It wants fresh relevance, and innovation when it comes to content. This is also what Pinners are expecting from you.

Pinterest has discovered that first-time pins are shared at a much higher rate than older content and original pins account for 71% of user engagement. As a result, the Pinterest algorithm has been changed to look for content relevance and first-time pins to give the user the most amazing experience.

Do not worry about this change, but use this opportunity to create fresh content to ensure your pins are seen in the search feed.

What’s The Secret Sauce for Continual Growth on Pinterest?

Diversity (showing your content in a different way) is critical within this new Pinterest algorithm. Start creating all of the different types of pins available to get your content seen. If you have never created video or story pins, now is the time to start.  Create static pins (regular pins with fresh images) and consider trying carousel pins.

Think of different ways to show your content so that it can be appealing and relevant to different audiences thereby ensuring more clicks and more engagement.

Modify your Pinterest Strategy to ensure Pinterest Account Growth

Don’t be stuck in your “old strategy”; incorporate static pins, video pins, and story pins in your “new strategy”. Diversifying will cause you to grow within this new algorithm by showing Pinterest you have a lot of fresh new content that can be enjoyed in different ways.  Feeding this algorithm will make Pinterest and Pinners very happy.

How Can I Accomplish “All” of this?

Story Pins are favored in the new algorithm, but you don’t have to have story pins coming out every day, just once or twice a week. 

Story Pins are fantastic for growing followers and engagement!  Pinterest shows your content to your followers first, so as you “grow” your followers, Pinterest will look at that increased engagement and distribute your content more broadly. 

People will see your stories and want more of your content.  Story Pins are a “Win-Win”.

Try repurposing. If you have videos on TicToc and Instagram, download them then upload them to Pinterest.  Think about how to use all the content you are creating for each of the different platforms you use.

Pinterest is interested in what the users will view as a “fresh pin”. Remember this…less repins, and more fresh content. Ask yourself….does this pin look new and engaging or is it obvious that only a few elements have been changed?

You don’t have to always create whole new pins; you can change the look of a pin by changing the image, part of the image, or by changing the text.  

How Much Content, How Often?

Don’t focus on having a huge amount of pins going out every day. You just need is to be consistent in putting out fresh content daily. 

If your audience sees 25 pins in one day, most likely they won’t click on all of them.  Quality and consistency are more important than quantity.  Spreading your content out over time gives you a better chance of receiving more clicks.

Pinning manually is great, however, It may be helpful for you to use the Pinterest scheduler or an all-in-one analytics tool such as Tailwind in which you can create, schedule, and publish. These tools can help you avoid the appearance of “spamming behaviors”.  Always choose what works best for you.

Remember, be intentional when creating fresh and engaging pins for your target audience. Make sure your pins are relevant and concentrate on your own content. Doing this will obtain the best distribution for your content.

Keep Your Eye on the Analytics

 Analytics will allow you to see what is performing well so you will know what to keep sharing and what to update.

Every time you see a drop in engagement on Pinterest, think about how to pivot and become more creative in getting your content to your audience.

To Beat the Algorithm

  • Focus on refreshing your static images
  • Use Video and animated pins
  • Keywords are Key
  • Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Keep in mind, fresh pins, new images, variety, diversity, pinning consistency, Pinning your own content, and intentional creativity are very important on Pinterest, the ever-changing platform! 


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