How To Start With Pinterest Marketing

You know your business should be using Pinterest, but it feels impossible and you don’t know where to begin. I’ve got you, by the end of this post you’ll be ready to start using Pinterest for your business with confidence!

Most people feel that Pinterest is hard and they end up not taking action simply because they don’t understand the platform. The truth is, Pinterest can be easy. Yes, it takes time and effort to grow a Pinterest account that will generate website traffic, leads and sales.

Let me break it down in 7 simple steps:

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Step 1: 

Create a Pinterest business account. If you already have one, even better! If you don’t, download the app and follow the prompts. Don’t worry about making it perfect, you can come back and optimize it later!

Step 2: 

Research: Pinterest is a visual search engine and the words you put into your content should actually be words people are using to search what they are looking for, AKA keywords. To be discovered on Pinterest, you must use exactly the right keywords.

Take a little time to research the most relevant keywords for your brand, your business, or your blog. Once you know what those are, USE them! They will go in your pin titles, pin descriptions, and text overlay so that Pinterest knows exactly what your content is about to show when people are looking for it. For a detailed training on Pinterest keywords, check out this post!

Step 3:

Use the board’s feature. Pinterest boards help you organize your content and give the algorithm more context to understand your pins. This matters a lot! Without using specific board names using keywords, Pinterest will take longer to index your organic content. Boards are like files, make sure to name and describe them properly using the keywords you’d like to see your content ranking for.

Step 4:

Start pinning: pins on Pinterest are the equivalent of social media posts, except that they are like book covers, the first look pinners will have of your content. Pins should be a combination of attractive images that make the pinner stop scrolling and click!

Step 5:

Yes, Pinterest is already considered a video platform. People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest. You can create videos specifically for Pinterest or create videos that serve multiple platforms.

Step 6:

Create a pinning strategy. Just like you’d need to do on social media platforms, in order to achieve results, you must have a strategy that helps you create and pin content consistently. Pinning the right content, in the right way and at the right time is really powerful to grow your account!

Step 7:

Continue pinning consistently. For Pinterest to work, you’ll need to see it as a relationship. Pinning consistently is what will help you achieve success. Most accounts start seeing results after 3 months of consistent strategic pinning.

Pinterest marketing may seem like a lot, but if you follow the steps shared consistently, you’ll see fantastic growth in Pinterest account growth, website traffic, and conversions. For a more detailed step-by-step, get my free Pinterest Playbook HERE.



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