Is Pinterest Still Worth It For Business Owners in 2024?

If you’re looking for new marketing strategies in 2024, you may be wondering: is Pinterest still worth it? The short answer is yes, it’s still an incredible tool for any and all small business owners. That being said, let’s go over a few of the biggest reasons why Pinterest is still worth it using, and how you can develop your Pinterest marketing strategy around these reasons.

Inspired Users

Unlike other popular digital marketing platforms, very few, if any Pinterest users just scroll mindlessly for the sake of it. The overwhelming majority of Pinterest users are fellow creatives, and just like you, they’re always on the lookout for new things to do, new inspiration, and even new products or strategies to help them continue doing what they love. 

As long as you have ideas to Pin, you’ll have people who want to see those ideas. Any and all content is accepted on Pinterest, so it’s just a matter of finding your audience.

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It’s Free

Though there are many paid business growth platforms out there, you may not be ready to make a cash investment. Fortunately, you don’t have to on Pinterest! The only investments you need to get started on Pinterest are time and effort, allowing you to grow your brand without spending a dime. If you’re just starting out as a small business owner and don’t have the cash to spare for conventional digital advertisements, give Pinterest a shot!

“The only investments you need to get started on Pinterest are time and effort, allowing you to grow your brand without spending a dime.”

It Always Needs Content

Pinterest is often referred to as a social media platform, but this is something of a misnomer. In reality, it’s closer to an image-based search engine, and like any search engine, it’s always in need of new and unique content. 

That’s where people like you come in, by both promoting your own brand and keeping the engine up and running with a variety of high-quality content. This works especially well for those with an already-existing social media presence, as most image and video content can be repurposed for Pinterest with a few minor adjustments here and there. 

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Pins Stay in the Algorithm

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using Pinterest is its unique algorithm. As we mentioned earlier, Pinterest is actually a search engine, so naturally, its search algorithm is drastically different from what you’re probably used to. With most social media platforms, the algorithm will allow popular posts a short amount of time in the spotlight, but after that short period, they more or less disappear from the explore page and search results.

Pinterest, on the other hand, will continue to circulate all of your Pins as long as they’re on the platform. Every now and then, these Pins will reappear to net you some extra engagement. Even the content you Pinned years ago can still draw in new audiences for you to convert into customers. 

Of course, your account won’t reach this point immediately. As with any other site, it’ll take a fair amount of time and effort to get there, but once you do, the continuous stream of engagement makes everything well worth it.

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You Can Start Slow

Of course, you may not feel ready to make a full commitment yet, but on Pinterest, you don’t have to. To begin with, you can start with a much less aggressive marketing campaign such as my Lazy Pinterest Marketing Strategy. This will allow you to keep plenty of time open for other business ventures, and if your Pinterest page takes off, you can slowly begin to ramp up the volume and frequency of your Pins.

The Verified Merchant Program

Finally, one of the greatest benefits Pinterest has to offer to small businesses like yours: the Verified Merchant Program. By fully committing yourself to growing on Pinterest, producing high-quality and useful content, and meeting all the requirements, you’ll be able to apply for Verified Merchant status. 

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a plethora of benefits and gain access to countless new features. What you’ll immediately notice, however, is that fancy blue checkmark that shows up next to your name. This checkmark proves to your audience that you’re a trustworthy seller and a valuable member of the Pinterest community, drawing a much wider audience to your page than before. Ultimately, this boost in the rankings will translate to cash, with Verified Merchant status typically giving a drastic increase in revenue from Pinterest leads.

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Is Pinterest Still Worth It in 2023? YES

To sum it all up, Pinterest is absolutely still worth it in 2023, and I encourage anyone looking to grow their business to give it a shot. From its uniquely-designed algorithm to its Verified Merchant Program, it’s a platform designed to promote your growth as both a business owner and a creative. As long as you’re willing to stick with it, your business will be all the better for it!

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