Positivity and Kindness Matter on Pinterest: The Creator Code

What if we could all have a more inspiring, more positive, and safer internet experience? 

That’s exactly what Pinterest is trying to accomplish with their newest addition to the platform: The Creator Code.

Online, it can be difficult to find a space that feels safe and inclusive and it can be even harder to locate a platform that specifically promotes kindness.

Pinterest is trying to solidify their place as a good corner of the internet by instituting new guidelines meant to promote positivity, inclusion, and caring for one another.

Not only is this an important step forward in social media platforms trying to reclaim their spaces as positive ones, it’s also important information to have if you use Pinterest for business or as part of your online marketing strategy.

What Should You Know About The Creator Code?

The Creator Code is a new set of community guidelines for Pinterest. You can check out the full details here, but let me break down the main rules for you.

  1. Be kind: Ensure content doesn’t insult or put others down
  2. Check your facts: Make sure information is accurate and factual
  3. Be aware of triggers: Practice discretion when it comes to visually sensitive content 
  4. Practice inclusion: Never intentionally exclude certain groups or communities
  5. Do no harm: Make sure any call to action or challenge is safe

That all sounds pretty great, right? Hopefully these are all things we are already doing. So, how does this new code impact you?

Well, first of all, you will have to accept the Creator Code before you can create any story pins. This means you’re telling Pinterest that you totally agree with the above guidelines and promise to adhere to them thoughtfully as you post your own content.

If you don’t sign or agree to the Creator Code, you won’t have access to creating story pins. And, if you don’t follow the guidelines, Pinterest has the right to withdraw your access to the story pins feature.

Keep in mind that these new guidelines only apply to story pins — not regular pins or videos. So, if you’re not someone who uses the story pins feature often, this may not impact you as much.

Either way, these are noble guidelines to live by and great for ensuring all members of the Pinterest community feel safe, comfortable, and included!

Will Pinterest Reinforce These Rules?

Yes! Pinterest believes that positivity goes both ways. Not only are Creators expected to create positive content, but there will be new mechanisms in place to ensure a safer and kinder experience for Pinners and Creators.

This includes items like positivity reminders so that anyone posting a pin will remember to adhere to the guidelines and rethink potentially offensive or upsetting comments.

Additionally, new moderation tools have been built into Pinterest so that you, the Creator, have total control over comment removal and keyword filtering. Not only can you remove unkind comments, but you can choose to highlight or “feature” kind or positive comments to reinforce “good behavior.”

All in all, this not only gives Pinterest a way to moderate and reinforce their code, but gives Pinterest users a way to control what happens in their space and shape a more constructive, positive, and safer experience for everyone.

How Pinterest’s Positivity Goals Can Help You

Pinterest has a long history of trying to be a source of inspiration and positivity on the internet. Especially in the last year, research has found that people are seeking out positive experiences more and more intently. 

That’s why it’s so important to be an active participant in the culture Pinterest has created. Not only will it allow you to have a successful experience on the app, but you’ll be creating content geared towards Pinterest’s audience and, in turn, generating more organic traffic.

How cool is it to be part of a unique space on the internet that actively fights against the negativity and divisiveness we so often experience each day? Pinterest is offering its Creators the opportunity to be a part of something that can truly enhance the world in a positive way. In a society that often looks down on social media and other platforms at this point, Pinterest is paving the way toward a new outlook. And you get to be part of it!

If you haven’t yet created a Pinterest account for business, it’s easy to do. I believe it’s one of the best places for your business to be on the internet. If you need help getting started, just let me know! I offer classes, easy guidebooks, and am even happy to chat with you about how to get your successful Pinterest account up and running. 

I can’t wait to share this positive platform with you and see what Pinterest has in store for both its Creators and its Pinners next!


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