How to Promote Your Podcast With Pinterest

Can you promote your podcast with Pinterest? Yes, you can use Pinterest to get more eyes on your podcast and attract listeners and subscribers.

If Pinterest is a great platform to find a new audience, drive visitors to a website and sell more, why not use it to grow your podcast audience?

Fun fact: I’ve been asked how podcasters can benefit from Pinterest for their podcast several times. Actually, I have clients that have podcasts and I’ve even been in podcasts talking about using Pinterest for podcasts. But for some reason, this is the first time I’m creating content about it. Side note, if you’d like to have me as a guest on your podcast, get in touch! 

How You Can Promote Your Podcast With Pinterest

Let’s break down why you’d want to start Pinterest marketing to grow your podcast and how you can do it.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, where people go to find ideas, solutions, and inspiration. They also use Pinterest to save and collect the ideas they find for later. People are looking for all types of content on Pinterest every single day and your podcast may be exactly what they need!

“People are looking for all types of content on pinterest every single day and your podcast may be exactly what they need!”

Now, this is not an overnight process and it has to be strategic. You’ll need to put in some work to succeed, just like you would on any other platform. However, aside from the fact that the content we share on Pinterest lasts longer than anything published on social media, people on Pinterest are not just scrolling and they are accustomed to click out of Pinterest and go to a website where they can binge on the answer they were looking for.

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Pinterest Strategy With A Website

Promoting a podcast with Pinterest marketing can be a little challenging if you don’t understand how Pinterest works. People are searching and usually expecting to find the ideas they are looking for in the form of images, written text (blogs) and even videos. They are not immediately ready to jump to a listening experience. Plus you don’t want to link your content to your podcasting platform. For best Pinterest marketing results, you want to link your content to a website that you can claim as yours.

This takes me to the first thing we need to clear up. Having a website and having a blog is one of the best things you can do for your podcast, with or without Pinterest. Just leaving your podcast on your podcasting platform isn’t enough if you want your podcast to blow up.

Think about it. If all you do with your podcast content is let it sit in the podcasting platform for people to eventually find and listen to it, you are missing a huge opportunity of benefiting from the power of repurposing. Each podcast episode can become: 

  • long-form piece of content
  • social media long caption
  • an email for your email list
  • a script for a YouTube video, and more! 

“Having a website and having a blog is one of the best things you can do for your podcast, with or without Pinterest.”

If you already have a website, beautiful. 

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Using Your Blog With Your Podcast and Pinterest

The next step is to have a blog where you’ll publish notes, transcriptions and even blog posts written from your podcasts. I know your goal is to get people listening, but by doing this, not only you will be reaching more people, because people consume content in different ways, but you’ll also be boosting your website with the SEO energy that having long-form written content and Pinterest will give you!

And you’ll be able to link or embed your podcast so people can go to the source and listen.

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Step-by-step Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Now that we got that out of the way and you know why you should have a website and a blog to grow your podcast, let’s talk about the Pinterest marketing strategy.

  1. If you don’t have a Pinterest business account for your podcast, create one.
  2. Add your website to your Pinterest business account and claim it using the steps given by Pinterest.
  3. Research the keywords you want your podcast to rank for on Pinterest and that people would be using to search for your content. Keywords are like Pinterest SEO.
  4. Optimize your profile with your podcast and website information.
  5. Plan and create your pin images and videos.
  6. Start pinning (publishing) your content.
  7. Implement your content creation and pinning strategy as you go.

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