Should You Create Covers for Your Boards on Pinterest?

When you create a board on Pinterest, you will be creating a title and description for that board. Then you have the option to choose an image for the front of that board— a board cover. This is the image that people will see before clicking on your board.  

I choose to select Pin from that board to use as my board cover. It is best to select a Pin that does not have much text overlay in the upper area, as this is the area that is going to show up as your board cover. By doing this, your page will look more put-together and less crowded when someone views your boards. 

A few years ago, it used to be very popular to not use one of your Pins as the board cover, but rather to create your own custom board covers. 

The benefit of creating custom board covers is that it makes your account look great. If you do this for a client, it will make them happy because it makes their boards look cohesive and organized. 

The downside of creating custom covers for your boards is that it is very time-consuming. Even if you are using the same template for each board cover, you will still have to manually change each one, download them, upload them as a Pin to each board, make changes, etc. 

An important thing to know is that after you spend all this time making all your board covers, the likelihood that someone will actually see them is slim. This is because when someone goes to your page, the first thing they will see is NOT your boards but rather your created Pins. To view your boards, they would have to go out of their way to click on the ‘saved’ tab on your page. 

Realistically, it is unlikely that someone will go to your profile, click on your ‘saved’ tab, to then see your board covers. If someone DOES do this, do you think they are going to follow you because of your board covers? Are they going to click on your content because of your board covers? Are they going to buy from you because of your board covers? Not likely.

Depending on how many boards you have, creating board covers for each one is going to be very time consuming. This is the reason I do not think they are the best— even though they look good. 

Another thing to consider is that we can not be certain that board covers will even be on Pinterest in the long term. Pinterest could decide to get rid of the idea of board covers. This is another reason it may not be worth your time to create board covers.

Instead of creating board covers, the time-saving method I choose is to select one Pin from your board to represent that board. Doing this for each board will help your boards to look more put-together and pretty, without investing much extra time. You may as well do this because the Pins are already there, they are already optimizing your board, and it does not require much extra work. So while you are choosing your board title and description, you may as well select one of your Pins to represent the board. 

So unless you have a lot of free time and a great desire to create cute branded board covers, do not waste your time on them. I would rather see you spending your time creating fresh Pins and videos, which will be more useful when it comes to growing your Pinterest account. 

In summary— board covers are just fluff and I do not like to teach fluff. 😉


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