5 Tips for When You Can’t Afford Pinterest Management Services

Do you wanna hear something that touches my heart when it comes to a business looking into Pinterest management services? It’s when they tell me “I know I need to be on Pinterest and I know I need help, but I can’t afford to hire an expert.” And usually, they are talking about me.

If this is you, don’t worry, I have a few ideas that will help you when you don’t have a budget to hire someone to grow your Pinterest account

Let me tell you a story…

12 years ago, I decided to go on a wellness and fitness journey. At that time I wasn’t a Pinterest expert, I didn’t have a business, I was a stay at home mom who had just gone through a huge loss and needed to heal physically and mentally.

I had a cheap gym membership and wanted to improve my health more than anything, but after one month of spinning my wheels with the wrong workouts, I realized I needed help.

I got a free session with the gym personal trainer and loved it. But, to continue with the sessions, I had to come up with money I didn’t have. I almost wiped my savings to get started, but I realized it was not the best thing to do.

So I did the next best thing: I researched and consumed everything I could find online and at the local library for free. I got a few books that cost me about $25, turned on my focus vision and did it! Day in and day out I went to the gym and implemented what I had learned.

Within a year I had turned my health, mind and physique around, without spending money I didn’t have.

What To Do When You Can’t Afford Pinterest Management Services

Fast forward to a few years later, my fitness journey led me into a business journey and I was ready to hire a personal trainer that would take me to the next level (without wiping out my savings).

The reason I just shared all this is because there are things you can do until you build your “Pinterest budget” so you can hire an expert.

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5 Steps You Can Take Yourself

1. Never ever get in the red to hire a marketing expert. It’s like gambling with savings money. It’s not worth it. No platform will save your business. Run from people telling you to just “find resources.” Work with what you have until you have a budget set aside for it.

“No platform will save your business. Run from people telling you to just ‘find resources’.”

2. Start with what you have. Look for free or cheap resources that still are effective. Have you checked my free guides? Have you checked my YouTube channel? How about my TikTok? Lot’s of great Pinterest resources for free!

And if you want something more streamlined but budget friendly? My Pinterest 3.0 On Fire! ebook is what you need!

3. Put in the work with what you have. Let me say it again, put in the work using what you have. Canva basic is free, you can schedule your pins using Pinterest itself for free, you can use Google spreadsheets to plan your content for free, you can use your phone to take pictures and videos for your pins, for free!

4. Look for ways to make more money. Make sure to get your business in front of your right audience. Create new offers, create new products. Build and grow your business so you can build that marketing budget.

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5. Keep going and growing, stay consistent. It will be just a matter of time for you to be ready to outsource and hire an expert, like me.

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