What Are Pinterest Story Pins?

Let’s talk about story pins on Pinterest.

What Are Story Pins?

Story pins are a new feature that Pinterest is rolling out. I say sort because it’s not exactly that new. Some accounts have had story pins for over six months, but not everyone has access to this new feature just yet. Pinterest had given access to accounts in other countries, but now Pinterest is going all-in with story pins. They are officially being rolled out to Pinterest accounts in the U.S. as well.

Story pins look much like a regular pin. You create the images inside the platform, only it looks a little bit like a carousel pin, which is a little sliding sequence of images that you can slide.  Story Pins can have up to twenty slides and you are able to mix videos with images. Videos do have a time limit of up to twenty seconds. It kind of reminds me of Instagram and Facebook stories. The main difference is, they can be saved, and they stay on the platform. They don’t just disappear in 24 hours.

Pinterest is also making efforts for story pins to be seen by adding a today tab. If you go on your profile, under the tabs section you can see that there is a new tab called “today,” which is Pinterest’s way of suggesting you daily topics with different pins and a place for story pins from other creators that fit in the themes that they are sharing.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The hesitation about story pins from other creators is because they are not clickable. You don’t get to add a URL, which is something that we see on Pinterest all the time. Normally you add a link and people click to go to your website, your offer, or your landing page. With story pins, we don’t get a link, but Pinterest is telling us exactly how to use story pins. They are making an effort to bring more engagement to the platform, to encourage people to follow accounts.

In my past experience, people would say, I didn’t even know that you could follow people on Pinterest. Now, story pins are encouraging pinners to follow when they see your story therefore, we also want to add a call to action on our story pins, either a follow or add a comment. You can interact with story pins as well. Pinners are able to add a reaction, comment on it, share it and they can even save a story pin.

So, even though a story pin will not give you immediate traffic to your page or product; a story pin is a great way to connect with your audience, share content, share ideas, and engage with the audience. It’s a different opportunity for the audience to see your brand or product with different eyes. This is why story pins are a wonderful new resource, it’s something great to play with and test on your account.

The accounts that I’ve been working with, where I’m offering story pins, have been seeing more views, more engagement and are seeing faster follower growth. They are also seeing more clicks, not through the story pins, but as an overspill effect of having story pins on their account. The moment you have more people seeing your content, more people will be interested in your ideas and they will start looking at more of your pins. Chances are they will click on them and they will like it. Some may think it is a novelty or just another shiny object.

Why You Must Create Story Pins

I believe that story pins, just like video pins did last year when they launched, will be fantastic for your organic strategy and even for promoted strategy. Platforms usually see better results when you add videos. So, I have a feeling that story pins will be another excellent resource that is worth trying but first your account needs to be optimized. You need to be consistent with your pinning, you should have your keywords in place, and be ready with your strategy. 

Would story pins be worth offering as a service? Yes.

Do story pins take longer to create? Yes.

You need a little bit more time to create them, and a little bit more strategy with inspiration, but they are definitely worth the effort. I do believe if your account has story pins and you’re already consistently pinning your own content, sharing, and seeing some results, and your account is optimized with keywords, it is totally worth it to try adding story pins. Put a little bit of time and effort into story pins right now while there is nobody. Pinterest will see that, and they will help you share.

Pinterest is loving when we create beautiful stories and the audience is receiving them well. Go ahead and try story pins, it is definitely worth the time and effort, even though they are not clickable. It’s a matter of exploring different ways to connect with your ideal audience or even to get more people to get to know your brand or business on Pinterest.

If you don’t have access to Story Pins yet, check out how you can request them within Pinterest here.


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