What to Do if Your Pinterest Reach and Views Dropped in 2020

Why are my Pinterest views decreasing and how can I fix it?

If you use Pinterest for your business or for blogging, you most likely have noticed the changes taking place on Pinterest. More specifically, a decrease in reach and views. Pinterest wants the user experience to be more diverse, meaning they are introducing different content on the home feed from what the user usually sees.

How can you improve your reach and link clicks on Pinterest? You must make changes to your strategy.

Of course, reach and views are not the main analytic to focus on, the most important analytics are saves, link clicks, email signups, and sales. BUT, if no one is seeing your pins, then no one is going to click.

The first analytic to focus on, on Pinterest is reach and views because without reach and viewers there will be no link clicks.

For example, imagine a billboard along a highway, if no one is passing by to see the sign then no one is going to learn about your brand or make inquiries.

I have one specific account where we experienced a huge drop in viewers recently. Link clicks weren’t dropping, new content was fine, but the usual content wasn’t performing as it normally did. Pinterest did not come out with an official update, but these are changes we see happening by keeping track of analytics.

How can you fix decreased views and reach?

Pinterest wants more variety.

How to add variety to your strategy:

  • Refresh pins by creating new pin images for blog posts.

Tip: When creating new pins decrease text overlay or the amount of copy you have on the pin and make it clear what the pin is about.

  • Create video pins.

Videos are very important on Pinterest right now!

Tip: When you refresh older pins, turn a few pins into videos. Creating video pins can be as simple as adding an animated button or arrow on Canva, or by creating a slideshow.

  • Create story pins.

Pinterest wants you to start focusing on building an engaged audience. The main objective of a story pin is for engagement through comments and reactions. Story pins are getting a huge push from Pinterest and they are getting a lot of engagement. Currently, only the USA and business accounts have access to this feature. If you do have this feature, use it! 

Tip: Story pins differ from a pin because they are not clickable, but you can add a call to action by asking the viewer to go to your website, opt-in to your email list, download a freebie, or follow you on social media.

If you are noticing a reach decrease, this does not mean your content isn’t good or Pinterest isn’t working for you. It just means that you need to adjust to the changes Pinterest is making. Take a deep breath, and look at your strategy. Can you make changes to your strategy to add diversity?

Everything does not have to be new. You can repurpose content from other platforms, and batch create by creating a static pin, a video pin, a story pin, and other images for different platforms at the same time.

Request story pins access in your Pinterest account settings.

If you want to learn more about story pins watch this video to learn how to use story pins to blow up your engagement!


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