What You Need to Know About Pinterest’s New 2021 Metrics

Monthly Viewers to Monthly Views

Pinterest recently updated its metrics, so let’s talk about what has changed and what this means for you! 

The first change that has been made is that what was once ‘monthly viewers’ is now just monthly ‘views.’ When you go to your profile, you’ll see a number right next to your followers saying ‘monthly views.’ This represents the number of times your Pins were on screen in the last 30 days. This includes Pins that others have saved from your claimed domain or accounts and Pins that you’ve published. 

The previous metric shown was ‘monthly viewers.’ This metric is still available in your analytics if you need it for any reason. This metric measures the number of people who have seen or engaged with your pins in the last 30-day window. 

The difference is that before, this metric was counting the number of people that had viewed or engaged with your content. Now, it’s the number of times your Pins were on screen in the last 30 days. So when people are scrolling through their smart feed and your Pins are showing up for them, that number will count towards your monthly views, which will show up on your profile. This is referred to as a ‘vanity metric’ because it’s not actually measuring link clicks or sales. However, this metric is still important because if you’re not getting monthly views, it means your Pins aren’t getting seen, you won’t be gaining followers, and you’re not going to be getting sales from Pinterest. When growing your Pinterest account, the very first thing you need to focus on is increasing your number of monthly views. Then you can move on to focusing on link clicks, growing your followers, and so on. 

Close-Ups to Pin Clicks

Another metric that has recently changed is that what was once called ‘close ups.’ This is now called ‘Pin clicks’ for organic Pins. Pin clicks refer to people clicking on your Pin to learn more about it. It does NOT refer to people clicking through your Pin to your website. Rather, it refers to when people click on your Pin to view more, read the description, and learn more about it (without going to your website). 

Link Clicks to Outbound Clicks

Link clicks are now called ‘outbound clicks’ for organic Pins. This is when somebody actually clicks through your Pin to go to your website. 

Why the change? 

The reason why Pinterest has changed these names is because they want to create consistency across paid and promoted Pins. Before you would see different names for actions on your Organic Pins compared to your promoted Pins, which became confusing. Now they have the same name, meaning for both promoted AND organic Pins, a ‘Pin click’ is a click on the Pin to see what the pin is about and an ‘outbound click’ is a click through to your website.

Will These Updates Affect Your Pinning Strategy? 

No. These updates only affect the name of the actions we are measuring. 

What Now? 

Continue focusing on creating fresh Pin images. Use keywords in your Pin titles and Pin descriptions. Only repeat the same Pin images after a reasonable amount of time and do not Pin the same images back to back. Make sure to Pin a mix of standard Pins, video Pins, and if you have them available, story Pins. This will help you to grow your account after you have an optimized profile. 


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