Why Having an Optimized Pinterest Account is a Good Idea Before Running Promoted Pins

Pinterest ads (promoted pins) are exploding and the platform is a great venue to market your brand or product.

Should you jump right in the pay-to-play game if your account has just been created? What if you don’t have content created yet?

Why do you want to run a promotion? The why behind it holds the answer! When using Pinterest for business, you want to introduce your product, business, brand, or service to a cold audience AND warm them with the goal of turning them into loyal paying clients. You want to reach your ideal audience AND create connections. You want to offer a solution to a problem in a way that the audience will trust you AND accept your offer.

1.Organic Strategy

Having a Pinterest account with consistent organic pinning, with your own content or with curated relevant content, is the first step to start creating and nurturing these relationships.

Having your profile optimized with the right keywords, not only helps it be seen but helps Pinners understand what’s your brand about at first sight. 

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2.Optimized Profile

Not all Pinners will head to your profile after saving or clicking on your Pin. But some will, and that’s why it’s important to make a good impression right away.

Let’s say the Pinner saw your ad, clicked on it, wanted more, and headed to your profile. You’d have a few seconds to tell this person what your account is about and how it can be useful to them. Depending on what is in your profile, the person could simply leave, look around, follow you, click on your content, and even share it.


Engaged followers are important when it comes to Pinterest and pins distribution. Having engaged followers who interact with your content will signal the algorithm that your content is quality content that should be shared with other pinners.

After Pinterest went public in April 2019, the stakes got higher, and more advertising options became available (conversion campaigns). More brands will be using Pinterest ads and they will become more popular. But don’t neglect the reach possibilities that an optimized profile, with relevant high-quality pins can offer you, with or without the use of ads.

Could you start promoting your brand and pins using Pinterest Ads without having an optimized account?

Yes, you could. 

Could you start an account from zero and go straight into paid ads? 

Yes, you could. 

Could the promotion be successful and bring people into your funnel? 

Yes, it could. 

But unless you are able to captivate and connect with this cold audience, you may not acquire long term customers.

Before than just hopping straight into paid ads, put some time and effort into optimizing your account profile, boards, and pins. Nothing says that you can’t run ads on Pinterest with an account that doesn’t have relevant boards and content. But logic says that ads coming from a well-established account, with high-quality content that overall resonates with your brand and audience will yield better results.


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