Pinterest Prediction 2022: The Next Fashion and Beauty Trends on Pinterest

Pinterest just released its yearly prediction report: Pinterest Predicts 2022!  From that we’ll dig into the fashion and beauty trends on Pinterest you can expect to see.

I’m a huge fan of this report! This is not your average yearly trends report, but it’s a prediction of trends that we’ll see in the upcoming year. This list isn’t only for Pinterest, but it’s pretty much a prediction of what we’ll see trending on all platforms. This isn’t another year-end trend report. This is a not-yet-trending study—a peek into the future from the vantage point of where consumers go to plan it.

The Value of Pinterest Predicts

From Pinterest predictions for 2020 and 21, 80% of the predicted trends were accurate, based on Pin activity across a variety of industry sectors.

“Eight out of 10 of our predictions for 2021 came true,” the company said in a blog post. “This isn’t another year-end trend report. This is a not-yet-trending report—a window into the future, from the place where people go to plan it.”

It’s always interesting and fun to see what Pinterest’s predictions are. It’s taking a peek at the next page of a book that hasn’t been written yet. If we understand and use it properly, this tool can be powerful for creators, influencers and businesses that want to create a content strategy that can go viral!

Grab some coffee, take a seat and enjoy! If you don’t have time to read now, save for later!

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2022 Will Be Bold and Epic!

The 35 trends Pinterest claims are not currently trending yet, but will soon be (Pinterest revealed 30 trends last year), including make-up, fashion, and home decor. The trends go from make-up to fashion and home design to well-being, with a slew of other elements in between.

Pinterest gives us a short summary, as well as related search trends that it’s seeing that support its prediction, for each trend. This year, Pinterest is also providing personalized trend prediction insights based on your Pin activity and trend notes to highlight the coming changes that are most likely to be of interest to you.

There’s a lot of interesting information in this chart, and if you’re looking to use Pinterest for your marketing in 2022, this report can help you plan and create your content strategy.

Pinterest’s track record is strong, and at 80% accuracy in predicting what’s next, it’s worth diving deeper and learning how to take advantage of this report.

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Here’s What We’ll See in 2022 for Fashion and Beauty Trends on Pinterest

Be Jeweled

Gen Z is going for accessories that are more than just basic earrings, cuffs, and layered necklaces. Nothing will be basic and people will be bedazzling! It’s about  piercings, body embellishments and gemstones. People will be investing in accessories that go from tooth gems to crystal eye details. Nail art and makeup with rhinestones plus all the bling will be in!

These are the trends Pinterest is predicting for 2022. With 80% accuracy for the previous years, thins is like a glimpse of the future. Use the ideas to get inspired to create content that is exactly what your audience wants before they even know it! Check my resources for more! #pinterestqueen #businesswoman2022 #2022trends #2022fashion #entrepreneurwoman #businessmarketingtips #sixfigureincome #onlinebizowner #2022trend #onlinebizowner #ethicalmarketing #pinterestmarketingtips

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Dopamine Dressing

Loud colors are back!  Brands and influencers are capitalizing on the desire to stand out — and these brighter, bolder colors are eye catching! Feel free to wear the rainbow and all the colors. Don’t be afraid of being loud! This trend gives me a vibe of the 90’s and reminds me of how much fun colors can be!

2022 Fashion trend: Dopamine Dressing! Dress for the good feels, dress for joy, dress the rainbow, express yourself with vibrance! Loud colors are in again! Want more trends? Checked the other videos of this series. #pinterestqueen #businesswoman2022 #businessmarketingtips #entrepreneurwoman #2022trends #2022fashion #bosschic

♬ Sex and the City (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited

Hot Horology

Did you substitute your watch for your phone like I did? Beautiful timepieces are back! Oversized clocks as decorations, vintage watch bracelets, and luxury men’s watches will be popular in 2022. Pinners are searching for clockwork aesthetics, luxury watches and how to display their collections.

Puff Love

In 2022, people will flaunt their natural texture with big hairdos. Gen Z-driven space buns and high-puff hairstyles will rise in popularity as people discover new beauty inspiration on Pinterest’s hair pattern search function.

Oh My Goth

Hello goth-aissance. This year, goth will make its way into the mainstream across all age groups, but not in the ways you would expect, it’s not just about black and white. Goth cowboy, goth business attire, goth baby clothes, goth pajamas and even goth kitchen decor are all on the rise.

Was goth a phase? Maybe. But goth is back and making its way into the mainstream! I love! @TeaPartyOfTheDamned and @desgostofudido will love it too!!! 2022 will be bold, fun, creative and memorable! Go goth? Time to pin it!!! #pinterestqueen #gothisback #gothaesthetıc #businesswoman2022 #2022trends #2022fashion #entrepreneurwoman #pinterestmarketingtips #businessmarketingtips #onlinebusiness2022 #bosschic #sixfigureincome #bosschic

♬ yeah hot people use this sound – cxaluv

Rebel Cuts

It’s all about making a statement with your hair in 2022. Begone, soft layers and fearful trims! No more wolf cuts! In 2022, hard-to-spot hair—from mullets to octopus hair to bob cut wigs—will be the most popular styles at the salon among Generation Z.


It’s gotten a lot easier to stargaze. People will paint landscape-style patterns on their fingertips this year. Desert and constellation-inspired nail art are all becoming more popular, especially among Millennial pinners.

Check Yourself

This feels like an 80’s throwback but in a great way! Remember your checkered Vans or pants? They are back! Checkered everything is showing up in 2022. The pattern is making its way into fashion, decor, nails, rugs and even tiles.

Hellenistic Revival

Ancient Greek jewelry, aesthetic and Greek statue art. People will be inspired by Ancient Greece this year, investing in everything from Corinthian home decor to Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper. Gen Z is going all in on this trend!


After two years lounging on grey sweats, we are craving luxury and nothing says luxury as silky loungewear. Move over sweats, all ages and genders will be looking for satin sleepwear, nightgowns, mens pajamas and lounge lingerie in 2022.


Pearls will inspire everything from gowns, to nail art and home decor. Iridescent accents, pearl-themed parties, simple pearl rings will give everything a glow.

With these predictions in hand, get ready to start planning and creating your content for 2022. Nothing is set in stone, but if we give people what they are looking for when they are looking for it, we’ll always be ahead on Pinterest! 


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