The Pinterest Creator Rewards Program Explained

Pinterest Creator Rewards was discontinued in November 2022. For more monetization options with Pinterest, I recommend you read this post. It will help you use all aspects of Pinterest marketing for growing your business!

One of the most asked questions about Pinterest is how to monetize! There are different ways to monetize as you may have seen in previous videos and blog posts. But Pinterest is launching a fantastic program for content monetization!

One of Pinterest’s newest innovations is the brand-new Pinterest Creator Rewards Program. This exciting new program will pay creators directly for their original content and is a new type of monetization unlike anything seen before. 

What Is the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program?

The Pinterest Creator Rewards Program is a new program that pays content creators to create Idea Pins based on guidelines that Pinterest itself sets out. 

Every month, Pinterest puts out a list of goals to be achieved through Idea Pins and sets up prizes to be paid in money that you can make by using those ideas.  These ideas range widely and could include things like creating a series of Idea Pins about your creative process, or creating at least one Idea Pin each week about a range of topics.

Pinterest has different monetary payouts for each type of idea, so you’ll be able to pick and choose what you want to do and have some control over how much money you earn. 

The Pinterest Creator Rewards Program is set up to only reward original content and focuses on organic engagement. If all you’re doing is creating things like Reels and TikToks and repurposing them for your Pinterest account, that will not be rewarded in this program. They want to focus on new content that’s exclusive to Pinterest!

Who Can Participate? 

Right now, the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program is still being tested and is only for US creators. Not every Pinterest account is eligible for this program; there are a series of requirements that must be met.

First, this program is only open to creators with a business account. Business accounts are the only accounts that can create Idea Pins, so personal accounts can’t participate.

Second, you have to be in the US and over eighteen for legal purposes.  This is totally expected for any type of business rewards program. Eventually, it will likely roll out to other countries, but right now it’s only for US creators.

Third, your account needs to have at least 1,000 followers. This really isn’t a huge number. If you’re consistently creating content that appeals to your audience and shares value, you’ll easily get a thousand followers– even if you’re starting from zero!

Finally, you need to have created at least three Idea Pins, to show that you know how they work, and you must be using the Pinterest app on your phone. 

The Pinterest Creators Rewards Program works through the most recent version of the app. You get paid through the app and you opt-in through the app. Desktop creation just won’t work with this program.  If you’re creating content on the desktop, you might be able to upload it and qualify for the program. However, right now it’s recommended that you stick to using the app since that’s what Pinterest wants.

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How To Apply

Right now, there is no form to submit and no direct application to the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program. If you are eligible, you will see an invitation to get started in your Creator Hub in your account profile.  To find out if you’re eligible, go to your Creator Hub and tap “Earn” at the top of the screen. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that invitation. 

From there, you will have to link your bank account for direct deposit. Once you’ve done that, you can get started creating and earning money for your Idea Pins!

How To Earn With The Creator Rewards Program

To earn money with the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program, you’ll have to make content that matches what Pinterest wants.  Pinterest is an inspirational platform, so many of the prompts they offer will have something to do with inspiration, ideas and your creative process.

The Idea Pins that you create need to follow these prompts and be high quality.  You don’t have to worry about flashy video editing tricks, but you will need to create video content focused and in-frame. 

You will also need to be very careful when it comes to background sounds, music, and visuals. Because this is monetized content, you will need to ensure that everything in your Pins is material that you have created originally or have the right to distribute.

” Because this is monetized content, you will need to ensure that everything in your Pins is material that you have created originally or have the right to distribute.

You can’t use copyrighted music, for example! You can’t monetize material you don’t have the rights for or material that was created for another platform like TikTok. 

Material submitted to this program must be entirely original and created by you! Your content must also follow Pinterest’s terms of services and guidelines. The Pinterest Creator Rewards Program is an exciting new opportunity for creators to get some ROI- Return on Inspiration!

Each month will be different and provide new opportunities for content creators to really show off their process and creative output. If this program is successful, it can represent a whole new angle to succeeding as a creator and monetizing on Pinterest.

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