How the Apple IOS 14 Update Affects Pinterest


Apple is currently in the process of rolling out an update for iOS 14 that allows users to further customize their privacy settings — a cause for concern for those who use promoted and targeted ad campaigns in their online marketing strategy.

While the update will most heavily impact Facebook ads, no app will go unaffected by the new privacy features included in this update. The update impacts data tracking permissions and therefore alters how effectively ads can utilize and track consumer information. Targeted ads are one of the primary ways businesses are able to target specific audiences and generate leads online. With updated privacy settings comes the need to update your marketing strategy.

The good news is that if you’re primarily a Pinterest for Business user, you won’t be as heavily impacted by this update as Facebook users might be. However, it’s still important to be aware of the details of the update and how you might need to adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

Let’s take a look at the update in further detail.

What exactly is in this new update?

While the iOS 14 update comes with a variety of improvements and features, the primary change that has some people concerned is Apple’s privacy and data sharing policies. In an attempt to be more transparent and proactive about consumer privacy, Apple wants to give users the ability to protect their privacy and information, if they so choose. 

While this has always been possible, the iOS 14 update ramps up this goal by giving users more opportunities to opt out. For example, right now, if you want to turn off data sharing on your iPhone, you can simply go to Settings > Privacy and turn off that function. With the new update, users will be asked to make that decision any time they download an app.

A new pop-up will appear any time you download an app from the App Store asking if you give the app permission to track your activity. This means giving the app access to what you do across apps and websites owned by other companies.

Users will be asked about tracking permissions for EVERY app they download! Yes, that means Pinterest, too. 

When faced with such a clear “yes, track my data” or “no, don’t track me” option, the fear is that many consumers will answer no. If most consumers opt out of tracking, ad campaigns lose access to a lot of user behavior data that lets businesses measure the success of their ad campaigns and target certain user groups. So, while every platform uses consumer data and tracking a little differently, the ability to opt out of tracking means every app will have to adjust the way that targeted and promoted ad campaigns function.

How does the update impact you and your business?

So, if you’re using Pinterest for Business and Promoted Pins for your online marketing campaigns, how does this new iOS update impact you? 

Right now, you can add tracking URLs to pins for analysis. Pinterest also provides separate analytics for Promoted Pins that displays impressions, repins, clicks, and other relevant data. These analytics tools are built into Pinterest so that you have as much information as possible about your ad campaigns and can see how they’re going, what kind of impact they’re having, and evaluate their overall performance and value.

These features aren’t going anywhere, but Apple users will now have the ability to opt out of Pinterest collecting this data. Essentially, if an Apple device user opts out of being tracked using the new update, the analytics and data available for that user via Pinterest will be limited. No matter what a user clicks on, Pinterest will have limited access to customer behavior, insights, and tracking if they have enabled this new feature.

That means it will be a little harder to get a full scope of how an ad campaign is doing because the information coming in might be impacted by user preferences. Audiences will be harder to target and, overall, harder to track.

Still, Pinterest won’t be as impacted as platforms like Facebook, which fully depends on tracking and sharing user data to run targeted ad campaigns.

Overall, it’s something to keep in mind as you navigate your next Pinterest ad campaign or set up your next few Promoted Pins. Pinterest the platform is staying the same, so no need to be concerned about big changes to the platform you love to use! You may just find that the tracking experience you’re used to is a little different and needs to be adjusted in order to accommodate for this new update and new user experience.

Looking for help with your next ad campaign?

Pinterest is always changing… and your marketing strategy should, too! If you’re not sure how to make the most of these changes and need help maximizing your Pinterest for Business account, let’s work on it together. Don’t let this new update be the reason you stop getting the most out of your Pinterest experience!

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