How to Set Up Rich Pins for Pinterest on Your WordPress Website

You have a business profile on Pinterest, you’ve claimed your website, you know what are Rich Pins , what’s the next step?

It’s to set up, enable and apply for Rich Pins. How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest when you have a WordPress website may seem like a daunting process, but it’s actually fairly easy. Here are the instructions for WordPress websites.

You can get Rich Pins set up for your site in two steps:

1. Add metadata to your site
2. Validate and apply for Rich Pins

Step 1 – Add metadata to the website following the steps below (it may sound techie, but it’s quite easy).

Each website has different instructions on how to add the metadata. If you are a WordPress user, the process is the following (if you use Squarespace, it’s already built in and you don’t need to do step 1):

1. Use Yoast SEO plugin. Install and activate.

Screenshot of yoast seo plugin for wordpress

2. Once you install and activate Yoast, in your WordPress dashboard, click on SEO:

Screentshot od wordpress yoast seo pluggin

3. Click on Social (1) > Facebook (2) > Enabled (3) > Save Changes (4)

For Recipe Rich Pins, you’ll need a recipe card plugin, such as Tasty Recipes or Cookbook.

Step 2 – Validate and Apply for Rich Pins

Once your site has all the necessary information for Rich Pins, just apply and activate them. For this step, head to the Rich Pin Validator.

Add an URL from your website/blog posts and click validate. You will only need to do this one time.

Screenshot of Rich Pins Validator

Once you get the green check mark, click “apply now”.

Screenshot of rich pins validator

Some websites get approved right away; some get a thank you message like the one below. If you get the message below, just give it a few days.

Screenshot of rich pin validator thank you message

Apple computer keyboard with text saying how to set up rich pins using a wordpress website
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Tereza Toledo - Social Media Manager and Pinterest Strategist
Tereza Toledo –  Pinterest Expert Strategist