How to Increase Your Pinterest Views During the Summer

You might have noticed that as temperatures rise, your Pinterest views drop. Why does that happen?

It happens every single year. As summer rolls around, Pinterest creators often see a significant drop in viewership, even if their content creation and online marketing strategy have remained the same.

This can be extremely frustrating and often leads us to one question: why? And beyond that, what are you doing wrong?

Don’t panic. The answer is very simple and likely has nothing at all to do with you. 

Warmer, nicer temperatures means people want to be outside. More outside time means less screen time. The less time people spend on their computers or mobile devices, the less they peruse Pinterest, creating less opportunity for views.

Summer is the time of year people want to be outside, hanging out together, enjoying friends and family. While this a really joyful time of year for most people, the unfortunate side effect is that your Pinterest views may seem to mysteriously drop a bit.

The good news is: your views will come back! As people return indoors during cooler weather periods, you can expect screen time and viewership to rise again.

But, what do you do in the meantime? Going the entire summer with less views and traffic isn’t what anybody wants and doesn’t seem good for your business. There are a few things you can do to keep the views rolling in and set your Pinterest for business account up for success all year round.

Navigating the Summer Months on Pinterest

First of all, it’s important to understand and accept that rises and falls in viewership will happen. It’s not something to panic about or lose sleep over. Understanding that this is simply a part of the process is your first step toward developing a clear and solid plan for how you handle the moments when your view tally inevitably takes a brief dip.

The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to maximize your organic traffic on platforms like Pinterest, which is the most important part of generating views all year long. 

With that being said, there are three very simple tips to keep in mind during the summer months when you’re trying to figure out what exactly you can do to keep the views flowing in.

1) Continue creating

Don’t get discouraged and stop creating content. Don’t wait around for people to head back indoors. Instead, keep up your momentum of content creation so that your audience will have content to come back to.

The Pinterest algorithm shows us that it takes several weeks for “trending” topics to pick up attention and viewership. As I’ve said before, if you want content surrounding summer activity keywords like “pool parties” to be visible by June, you need to start posting those keywords in April. Pinterest’s Trends feature is a great way to know what’s coming up.

The same goes for other seasons. Why not use the “downtime” in the summer to start planning your strategy for the fall? Start researching keywords that are anticipated to be trending as we head out of summer and into fall and start creating content geared towards those topics or trends. 

Long story short, content creation is endless and just because your viewers are out laying on the beach doesn’t mean you should take a break, too! Use this time to generate content that will hit the ground running when viewership starts to rise again.

2) Continue marketing

Advertising and marketing doesn’t stop once a big event or sale is over. The day after Black Friday? Big stores have their next ad campaign or their next sale up and running. You should follow the same strategy.

Just like content creation, don’t take a break from your marketing strategy during the summer. Again, use this time to continuously strategize new ways to reach your audience and what exactly you’d like to advertise over the coming months.

3) Continue promoting

And, as always, you can continue to use Promoted Pins if you wish to continue to generate traffic. Paying for Promoted Pins means your content and ad campaigns are more likely to get seen by more viewers, so this can help boost your traffic when there’s a bit of an organic “lull” over the summer. It isn’t a necessity to use Promoted Pins, but it sure can help if you’re feeling nervous about your viewer count.

The Bottom Line

Just keep going! Momentary dips in viewer counts are going to happen. That doesn’t mean you should stop what you’re doing. In fact, it means just the opposite. Push through the summer lull by maximizing your efficiency and your strategy and you’ll find you’ve set yourself up for success throughout the year.
If you still have concerns, let me hear them. It’s not easy to accept that your view count changing is normal. Let me help you put your worries aside and set you up for your best Pinterest summer yet!


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