2021 Pinterest Predicts Upcoming Trends For Your Marketing

Pinterest releases a trends prediction yearly called “Pinterest Predicts”. I am excited to tell you about the 2021 Pinterest predictions for 2021! 

More than 400 million people use Pinterest to search for new ideas, inspiration, and planning upcoming events. The trend-prediction that Pinterest releases is not a typical trend report; it is a window to the future showing us what WILL be trending. Pinterest gets it right! Pay attention marketers, 8 out of 10 Pinterest predictions for 2020 were correct. 

Driving the 2021 predictions are Gen Z pinners, Millennials, Gen X pinners, and Boomers. This will be an action-packed year featuring 150+ trends showing how people are taking action to prioritize their mental, physical and spiritual health during a pandemic.

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Exciting 2021 Trends Predicted by Pinterest Predicts

  • Fashion  – “Athflow”, “Cocooning” and “Make your own” – Elegant Leisure, casual jumpsuits, flowy pants, and oversized outfits that are nice enough for the office, comfortable enough for exercise, and just hanging out will be desirable. Pinners will also be looking for cozy shawls, slouchy socks, and puffers in 2021. DIY will be popular from sewing your own to reworking what is in your closet. 
  • Beauty – “Skinimalism” – This is a trend embracing natural beauty without that caked-on-look. Bold eyebrows, braids, low-maintenance makeup, and feeling cute will be the trend in 2021.   
  • Travel – “Getaway car” – the new personal space – In 2021, the need to get away will move people into their cars for many reasons. Pinners will be looking to escape to that perfect resort or to just get out and explore the great outdoors.  
  • Food and Beverage – “Bland is banned” – Spicing it up in the kitchen will be a hot topic in 2021. Pinners will be creating their own “restaurant experiences at home using garnishes, inspired meal creations, and plating techniques. Charcuterie boards will be topping the charts this year.  
  • Home – “Neon” – LED lighting and neon hue will be one of the looks in 2021. Pinners will be collecting beautiful dinnerware to openly display in their kitchens. Another look will be “Japandi” with sleek lines and calming neutral colors. Open floor plans will be a thing of the past this year. Creating personal space will be a priority. “Home” has changed; due to the pandemic, people are wanting to change their surroundings and create new spaces.  
  • Hobbies & Interests – “Embroidery” – Hands-on crafting will be one of the favorite pastimes of Pinners in 2021. Embroidery isn’t just for Grandma anymore! Hobbies that are globally inspired will be trending as Pinners search for new ways to get their crafty juices flowing.  
  • Finance – “DIY CEO” – Entrepreneurial topics will be in high demand in 2021. Pinners will be looking for branding strategies, podcast tips, business ideas, accounting basics, and entrepreneurial motivation.
  • Wellbeing – “Manifesting, the new nesting” & “Bathing ritual” – Pinners will be looking for alternative spiritual motivators and magical connections in 2021. Sleep care topics will be trending as people search for ways to ensure they are getting the best sleep available. “Bathing makes a comeback as people look for ways to relax and soak away some stress. 
  • Parenting – “Planet is the new playground” – Pinning parents will be educating their children using planet-saving-methods and entertaining them with things they already have. New types of less furry pets will be high on the list.  
  • Celebrations – “Low-key weddings” – Pinners will be searching for smaller venues and no-frill-I-dos. Parties will be smaller with a smaller budget.  
  • Digital Decor – “Phone decor/Home decor” – Digital space will be designed the same as home space. 

2021 trends will look different than the trends of 2020. The pandemic will have a very big effect on what Pinners will be looking for this year. So be sure to follow what Pinterest predicts.

Pinners have always been planners and this will be another very exciting year on Pinterest! Pinners will be searching for everything imaginable where everything they need is at their fingertips.

Pinterest is a great place to grow your business, showcase your talents, offer ideas, find inspiration and learn new things. It is a space where ideas can become a reality.

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