How to Use Seasons and Holidays In Your Pinterest Strategy

Keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual search engine operating like a well-oiled machine that is continually moving and changing, and it is essential to have a seasonal content strategy.  

Pinterest is a platform that has a lot of built-in seasonality and follows certain behaviors causing an ebb and flow throughout the seasons.  For instance, when the weather gets nice, people spend more time outside and less time within the platform. It is important to remember, even though Pinners aren’t “clicking” as much during this time, they are still planning ahead.  

Pinners are planners!

When should I put out seasonal content?

Pinners use Pinterest to plan events in their lives more than any other platform.  They tend to save related pins months ahead of the event they are planning. Pinners are looking three to six months in advance for seasonal content.  

 By understanding your audience’s search habits, and planning ahead, you will be able to create seasonal content on time.  

You can follow the trends that you see with merchants.  When they are putting seasonal things in their shops, it is time to put your seasonal content on Pinterest!  Plan to get your seasonal content out at least six weeks before the actual holiday.  Three months in advance would even be better because this gives Pinterest time to index and categorize your content enabling you to serve a larger audience.

Your Pins will have more time to attract engagement when you Pin early.  With a strong history of engagement, your content is more likely to appear in the search results during the peak seasons.

For bigger holidays, such as Christmas, some Pinners plan all year long. You should be creating and posting content according to the trends of your audience.  Some seasonal pins will still have traction in the off-season.  

What if my niche isn’t seasonal?

Don’t worry if you don’t already have seasonal content or if you think your products or services don’t apply to the season.  

Consider what your audience is feeling during the different seasons and what is trending on Pinterest during those seasons. With different seasons come different emotions.  It is important to think about the emotions of your audience while creating content. 

Think about how the seasonal trends could apply to your products or services and incorporate that in your content.  Serving your audience by using the seasonality components will attract Pinners and will allow your content to surface on Pinterest.  

Your content doesn’t have to be exclusively seasonal to capitalize on Pinterest’s seasonal nature.  Creating seasonal pins could be as simple as dressing up your current pins with seasonal images or text.

If you aren’t sure about how to dress up your pins, take a look at what others in the same industry are doing.  See what is successful and trending in your niche.

Seasonal Intentionality

Anything you can do to get your content in front of your audience should be done.  If you are a blogger, put “seasonality” into your blogs.  Dress up your pins with intentionality so Pinterest can share your content with your audience on time.

Seasonality on Pinterest requires planning ahead.  Do not wait until the last minute to get your seasonal content out! Look at what is trending.  Always thinking ahead and planning is essential on Pinterest! There is no point in creating seasonal content if you are getting it out too late.  Understand your audience and be intentional with all your content.

You should plan “what to pin” for each month, holiday, and different activity that will put your content in front of your audience.  You can’t over plan.

Get started now with My Free Yearly Planner that will give you the information you need to become more organized in your seasonal strategies.  

Inside the Planner:

  • What to Pin
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For example, in February you could be pinning Spring Outfits, Spring Cleaning, Spring Break, Gardening, and St. Patrick’s Day content.  Everything Spring will be on a Pinner’s radar.  Your content planning would include Easter, Spring Wedding, Prom, and End of School Year.  In June you should already be pinning for Christmas, Summer Hairstyles, Summer outfits, and picnic ideas. Take action in these trends and look for pins to refresh, and remember to add new links.

Remember, Pinners are planners!  You must be a planner on Pinterest to be successful.

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