Pinterest Presents March 2022 Updates

Pinterest Presents Updates To Know

Pinterest just released information on some new and exciting features that will be amazing for merchants on the platform. Let me share with you what’s new on Pinterest according to the latest “Pinterest Presents” video presentation that went live in March 2022. 

Here are some of the exciting new changes coming to Pinterest– and what that might mean for you!

First: Pinterest Trends

In addition to Pinterest Presents announcements, we’ve known for a while now that Pinterest trends are different from many other online trends when it comes to longevity– and Pinterest’s own predictions for what would trend were right on the money 8 out of 10 times in the last two years. 

Pinterest trends start earlier and last longer than trends anywhere else online, so even if you miss out on them at the very start, you still have time to hop on them! 

“Pinterest trends start earlier and last longer than trends anywhere else online.”

To help you with keeping track of these trends, Pinterest has a Trends Tool that tracks trends globally as they change and evolve.  It’s a powerful tool that will let you track your target audience by interests, keywords, gender, and generation– whether you’re marketing to Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, or anyone else, Pinterest’s Trends Tool will let you know what they’re searching for.

This is great news for content creators. When you create content based on a trend, it gives your audience an insider’s look at that topic and helps build up your credibility.  On Pinterest, creators are known for their expertise, not their celebrity. So if you can create authoritative, authentic content based on Pinterest trends, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. 

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Second: Pinterest Shopping + Idea Pin ads

Pinterest is a very popular platform when it comes to finding inspiration, things to try and things to buy! What if there was a direct shopping option on Pinterest? There will be!

Pinterest Presents announced it is releasing a suite of powerful new sales tools.  Pinner will be able to checkout and buy from their favorite brands directly on Pinterest, making the shopping experience as simple as “see it, love it, buy it.” 

For business owners, the Shopping API will scale their catalog and automatically update the prices, sales, and stocks. Because Pinterest is so visual, shoppers know what they want before they even have the words to know what they’re looking for.  This leads to more purchases! Shoppers on Pinterest check out more items and have total order values that are higher than other platforms. 

Idea Pin Ads are also on the way. This will allow you to transform your Idea Pins into shopping ads.  Advertisers on Pinterest who use these ads see 3 times the conversion and 2 times the incremental return on advertising expenditure. But don’t worry– these ads will still be the Idea Pins that your audience knows and loves.

“People who engage with Idea Pins are 90% more likely to shop for products tagged in Idea Pins. 

And your audience really does love Idea Pins! People who engage with Idea Pins have a higher purchasing conversion rate than any other type of Pin. In fact, they’re 90% more likely to shop for products tagged in Idea Pins. 

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Third: Your Shop

Another important change discussed in Pinterest Presents for shopping is the introduction of Your Shop, a completely customized shopping experience that’s tailored to the things you search for. The “Your Shop” experience will have curated product guides, shoppable creator content, and brand deals all based on the ideas you’re searching for and engaging with on Pinterest.

For sellers, this means that now is the time to get your merchant details set up, because values-based shopping has never been more important to your customers. If you’re a verified merchant on Pinterest, you can show and share your values at the top of your profile. 

pinterest presents new shop and merchant tools

As an example, you can advertise your investment in sustainability and eco-friendly products. This is deeply appealing to Gen Z, who as a whole are willing to pay 60% more for an eco-friendly product. The fact is, people are more likely to purchase from a brand they align with, and brands with posted values are 16% more likely to make a sale than brands without. 

Fourth: Pinterest Positivity

One of the best pieces of news to come out of this month’s Pinterest Presents is finding out just how much people like using Pinterest. Eight out of ten people say that Pinterest is a place where they feel positive. This is important to the Pinterest strategy, because you want people to like you and trust you.

And trust is huge for Pinterest. Pinterest has been accredited by the Media Rating Council and certified by the Trustworthy Accountability Group for its response to political and scientific misinformation. Pinterest was the first major platform to ban political campaign ads, and does not allow fake news or false medical information. Pinterest also has a compassionate search tool for those seeking mental health support. Choices like these have made Pinterest a platform that makes people feel safe and positive.

“Pinterest is a platform that makes people feel safe and positive.”

These are only a few of the news changes coming to Pinterest, which is now the number one platform for inspiration anywhere on the web. Pinterest is a place where people can show up as their true selves, and these changes are only going to make it a better place to do business, share content, and build an audience for your business.

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