9 tips to Effectively Make Your Pinterest Pins Go Viral

What if you knew exactly what to do to make your Pinterest pins go viral?

Idea pins are a fantastic way to inspire, share your creativity, and connect with your audience.  They are the perfect tool to create content that will attract your ideal audience and turn them into followers.

Idea pins are easy to create and can help you turn Pinterest into a complete platform and channel for you and your business!  Idea pins can help you build an engaged and loyal audience.

Idea Pins can make your pinterest pins go viral

As a creator, you can use ideas as a form of self-expression, as a creative outlet, and as a way to get your ideas in front of an enormous audience!  You can also use it to make an income by partnering with brands and creating sponsored content. You can add product tags to your idea pins, so your audience can find and buy the items you showcase. 

Pinterest has also started a creator’s fund that offers creators opportunities to monetize by creating idea pins. Businesses can create content that showcases the solutions their products or services offer, content that shows each and every product, content that showcases how their products work and more. 

Idea pins are excellent to show pinners the possibilities that your brand offers in a creative and non-salesy way.  You can tell a story and invite the pinner to get to know more about your brand and products.  The key is to think outside the box and get into a creative and inspiring mindset!

“Idea pins are excellent to show pinners the possibilities that your brand offers in a creative and non-salesy way.” 

Partnering with creators is also a great option to add variety and diversity to your content.

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How to Begin

First things first, you need a Pinterest business account. 

Second make sure that your account is optimized for search with the keywords that best represent your product, brand, or niche. 

If you haven’t done this yet, don’t worry, I have a complete step-by-step free guide to help you below!

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Start with your idea 

This could be the hardest part and there are several types of idea pins you could create. Here are three easy ones to get started. Great ideas your audience wants are the start for how to make your Pinterest pins go viral.

A. Teach: it can be a simple how to do something in which you record yourself doing it step-by-steps (you don’t have to show your face if you’re not ready, but people always connect better with faces).

B. Inspire: simply show your creative ideas. For example, how to wear, match, wear, or style something in real life. No need for a tutorial, focus on inspiring with creative ideas.

C: Tips: share creative tips and ideas on how you made something easier or better.

Once you have decided what type of idea pin you want to create, write down what it is about

Think of an idea pin as a little story in which your products, your solutions, your final ideas are the main characters.  With that in hand, go to the Pinterest search bar. 

Type in the words you would use to describe your main characters.  You want to find out the words (aka keywords) pinners are using to search for those “main characters” of your story. 

By using the right words and answering the questions pinners are asking, you are pretty much fueling your idea pin with virality fuel!

Think about how you will present your idea

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Go ahead and get inspired by content already created by other creators.  Don’t steal or copy, but use it as a source of ideas.  Looking at a Picasso and then drawing something inspired by it isn’t stealing. 

Find ideas on Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and even YouTube.  Anytime you see an idea that you can see yourself recreating, save it.  It always comes handy.

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Decide how you are going to create it

You can create the idea pin using the Pinterest app (super easy and intuitive), your own phone or a different app.  Are you going to use video? Images? Text overlay? Voice over or sounds? Planning before will make it easier to execute. 

The Pinterest app makes it as easy for you to take pictures and record videos and to upload them. 

Put the idea pin together

Record the video, take the pictures.  It’s totally fine to use images and videos that you created before as long as you are creating something new with them. 

If you are already creating content for other platforms, you can repurpose it, as long as you make sure to remove watermarks and features that would make it look “second hand” or an afterthought. 

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Polish your pin

A little light editing can go a long way.  Make sure to stay within the safe zone. 

Don’t worry about making it perfect. Being perfect doesn’t guarantee going viral.  I’ve seen plenty of imperfect pins achieving better results than other pins that were perfectly created, because as I said in the beginning, content is key to make your Pinterest pins go viral.

Add text overlay

Sometimes your images or video can speak for itself, but adding text over it can make it easier for Pinterest to understand and share your pin with the right people. 

It also can convince the pinner to stop the scroll and watch your idea pin.  Use the keywords you’ve found when researching in the beginning. 

You want to answer the questions that your audience is thinking about asking! Add a song, voice over, stickers and anything you fancy. Get creative! Let’s make your Pinterest pins go viral! 

If you are showcasing a product or affiliate link, try to add a product/link sticker

This is not the same as adding a link to a pin, but a way to share with the pinner where they can get what you are showcasing. 

The product/link sticker is in the sticker session and is only available in the phone app, not on the Pinterest desktop version.  Not all products and links are available yet, but it’s worth checking.

Add a title and notes

Make sure that your title has keywords, and sounds exciting or interesting.  Use the notes session to share more. You could write a little about what you used or showcased in the idea pin. 

You could also add the steps taken to create your idea and even share a little about you and your business.  Don’t add a link here.  The link won’t be clickable and Pinterest has told us before to avoid this practice. 

Add a call to action. “Follow Me For More” is my favorite!

Review your idea pin to Help make your Pinterest pins go viral

Pick the most relevant board for the pin.  Hit publish! Once you publish, you won’t be able to edit anything other than the board it was pinned to and other features like allowing or not new takes.

Ideas pins are a fun way to showcase your ideas and content, and to also make your Pinterest pins go viral. 

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