4 Easy Ways for Pinners to Save Your Pins on Pinterest

One question I’m seeing a lot lately, especially because of the Pinterest Creator Rewards Programs is: how to get more pinners to save your pins on Pinterest.

On Pinterest, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is your audience. When you create a pin, and send your content into the world, your audience can view, save and engage with it. As the content is saved, its reach increases, which means it may be getting more exposure.

However, making “savable” content isn’t exactly easy. Some content is more shareable and savable than others, and there are strategies that you can use to amplify your content’s overall potential.

Create Inspiring Content for pinners to save your pins on Pinterest

Inspiring doesn’t always mean inspirational. Rather, it means that your content is so inspiring and valuable that people feel like they need it. When they need it, they save your pins on Pinterest.

To make inspiring content, you’ll want to think about what people want.

  • What is your audience looking for?
  • What kind of problems are they having?
  • What kind of content is your audience engaging with.
  • How can you use that to your advantage?

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Create Valuable Content

Most people are on Pinterest to learn something, find something, or buy something.

That’s one of the unique things about Pinterest. These users are seeking out ways to make their lives easier and better. When you solve their problems with your content, they’ll save your pins on Pinterest to refer back to later.

You can turn this behavior into an advantage for your pins. When you, as a content creator, are crafting new content, you want to look at your creations critically. Ask yourself whether or not the content is valuable and — if it is — whether or not that content is interesting enough to be widely shared.

There’s a gap between okay content, good content, and amazing content. Good content inspires and offers value! If you want to grow your Pinterest audience and boost your Pinterest views, however, you’ll want amazing content.

If you want to grow your Pinterest audience and boost your Pinterest views, you’ll want amazing content.

To achieve this goal, you’ll want to have content that is both valuable and inspirational. In many circumstances, this means that you’ll have to start thinking outside of the box. Consider how your ideas may be used, then twist them into interesting and innovative new content.

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Include a Call to Action

Known in the marketing world as CTAs, a call to action is a simple prompt, such as “Buy This” or “Learn More”, that leads your viewer to take action. 

Everything that you make should include some sort of CTA. It may be as simple as encouraging users to follow you, check your profile or save your pins on Pinterest. In more complex situations, a CTA can lead a user into the first stage of a sales funnel. The goal of these CTAs is to make sure users are engaging with your content and taking action.

To gain more saves, encourage uses to save your pins. This can be done by adding a simple sticker or text  to your video or image, which says something like “Save for Later.”

Keep Things Simple

My final secret to crafting saveable pins is simplicity.

Really, this works anywhere. No matter where you go on the internet, your ultimate goal is simplicity. People aren’t usually looking to read an essay. People on Pinterest aren’t looking for hour-long videos. Users are searching for short, simple, and interesting ideas.

When you’re creating a pin, think about how long it will take to watch or read the content. If you’re using up more than a few minutes to do either of these things, then your content is probably too long. Shorten it, edit, and refine it, then they’re more likely to save your pins on Pinterest.

As you’re doing this, you’ll also want to think of how you can draw people in. Think of a hook to reel them in, and find ways to make sure they feel compelled to engage with your content. This way, users are more inclined to save your pins.

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