How Much Content Do You Need to Start on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique tool for small business owners to build their brands. The way you engage with Pinterest is by sharing and creating content in the form of Pins. You need content to create these Pins, but if you’re new to the platform, you may find yourself wondering how much content you need to have to start on Pinterest. The amount of content you need depends on both your goals and what kind of content you currently have.

Goals for When You Start on Pinterest

For most businesses, the goal of using Pinterest is to convert Pinners into customers. That means:

  • getting them to click through to your website
  • buy your products
  • hire your services
  • otherwise engage with your business

While some people do create content only within Pinterest and monetize through Pinterest creators’ funds, or sponsored content, that isn’t how most businesses and brands use the platform. 

If you have a business, you probably already have content that you can use for Pins. But does that mean that you shouldn’t start on Pinterest if you don’t have content? Nope!

Even without external content, you can get started with Idea pins. But you should get your website up quickly because your goal typically isn’t just to cultivate your Pinterest audience. You want conversion!

“Your goal typically isn’t just to cultivate your Pinterest audience. You want conversion!”

Pinterest Content Explained

There are lots of types of content that businesses can use on Pinterest. You can think of each of your website’s URLs as a piece of content. This can include:

  • product pages
  • landing pages
  • blog articles
  • other content that you might have as individual pages on your website

Each of these URLs can be posted as a standard Pin, which will link directly to your website.

If you only have one page on your website– a landing page or a single product page– then you’re going to have to think a little bit differently! In this case, you can rely on content to be consumed within Pinterest–Idea pins. Idea pins are pins that don’t have an external link. Instead, they are content that your audience doesn’t click through.

When you provide valuable content directly on Pinterest, your audience will engage with you and follow you, building brand authority and increasing your website traffic.

If you have several pages within your website, the approach is different. You will still need to create Idea pins, but you should focus at least half of your initial strategy on creating standard pins. Each of your products or pages should be represented as part of your Pinterest content.

Remember, Pinterest is a visual search engine. People use the platform to look for ideas and inspiration. If your products aren’t represented on the platform, that means the Pinterest audience can’t find them!

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How Much Content to Start on Pinterest?

There is no magic formula for determining exactly how much content you need to start on Pinterest. You definitely need those standard Pins for each URL on your website, but there’s much more you can do. Pinterest users crave fresh content and fresh images. Simply repeating your existing Pins doesn’t work as a strategy. You need to refresh any reused content with at least new images that adds value to the platform.  

Think about what your business offers–how can you expand on that? Blogging is a great way to create more content for Pinterest. You can create blogs that teach people about your products, how to use them, and what their benefits are. You can showcase how your product fits in with what people already like and how your product improves already positive experiences.

What Type Of Content?

Writing isn’t the only content you’ll need to start on Pinterest. Pinterest is highly visual, and you’ll want a great image for each pin. Standard pin images should be teasers, like the covers of magazines. Pinterest has a high click-through rate; Pinners know that they need to click the images to go to the website, just like they’d click a text-based search result in another search engine. If your images are appealing and representative of your content, they’ll work great for standard pins. 

Video content is also extremely important; Pinterest users watch close to one billion videos a day on the platform. This means that making short-form video for Idea pins is a great way to get your content in front of your audience.

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