Do Pinterest Views Matter?

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Do Pinterest views matter? Should you be focusing on this metric?

I see the debate of people who say that Pinterest’s monthly views are just vanity metrics and people who see them as a measure of success in the platform all the time.

Do Pinterest Views Matter?

I get it, looking at this big number growing day after day while followers, saves and link clicks grow slowly seems way more exciting. But does Pinterest “monthly viewers” count really matter?

The answer is yes, monthly views on Pinterest matter.

Many businesses will say the monthly views don’t matter because they may not actually translate into a follow, a link click, or even a sale. And that’s okay. A view is just a recording of when a pin is visible on another Pinterest users feed. But let’s take a closer look at what exactly those views are telling us.

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What Does Pinterest Monthly Viewers Actually Mean?

When you look at your account, you will see “monthly viewers” near your account name. This number is tracking:

  1. How many people have seen your saved content to Pinterest (your own content and content saved from other accounts).
  2. Your own content saved by other people to Pinterest.

That includes organic and promoted content.

Why Do Pinterest Views Matter?

“Pinterest views” are the very first glance someone has of your content, the same as someone who glances at a billboard on a highway or a magazine cover at the grocery store. As much as this glance may not be monetized, no one will argue that it has a very important place in the marketing strategy.

According to Pinterest itself, “Pinterest is where people discover their favorite brands and inspiring new ideas”. People come to Pinterest to search and discover new things, to find solutions and ideas. Pinterest is the first place millions of people will see a product, a service, or a brand. The more people view your content, even if just for a split-second, the more chances you have to make a lasting impression in your audience’s mind.

The more people view your content, even if just for a split-second, the more chances you have to make a lasting impression in your audience’s mind.

Pinterest monthly viewers should not be pushed aside just because you can’t exactly measure the ROI it brings. You may not be able to measure it right away, but monthly viewers measure visibility and you can’t get attention if you are not visible.

But if you want this metric to become more meaningful, you must focus on sharing your own content. There are different strategies to become more visible on Pinterest and some will include sharing other people’s content. Sharing other people’s content is a great strategy, but the number of views they will get from being shared in your account will also be added to the “monthly viewers”.

Make the best of this by sharing only high-quality content that is relevant to your audience or stick to sharing your own content only.

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A Game of Consistency and Patience

Using Pinterest as a traffic generating tool is a game of consistency and patience. Setup your account, optimize it, and start sharing high-quality content strategically and consistently. You will be seen and people who are looking for what you are offering will find you.

The key is to understand your audience and who you can help with your answers, product, or services. Understand what they are looking for and how to serve it in an appealing way to get them to click, share, and follow you on Pinterest. 

Key Takeaways on Increasing Your Pinterest Views

  1. Monthly viewers do matter and should be the first metric you try to increase to turn your Pinterest account into an evergreen traffic machine.
  2. Monthly viewers metrics are NOT the only metric you should focus on, but an important part of the puzzle.
  3. The more monthly viewers, the more brand awareness.
  4. The more monthly viewers, the more chances you have to grow your website traffic, email sign-ups and eventually sales.
  5. Understand your audience and what makes them take action.

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