How Many Pins Should You Be Pinning To Succeed On Pinterest?

One question I get asked a lot is how many pins should be created per day as part of a Pinterest marketing strategy. This is a question that isn’t just important for new Pinterest users, but also for businesses who have had success on Pinterest in the past and have seen their growth stagnate–or worse, decrease. 

The answer to this question has changed over time, but one thing is certain: the old strategy of pinning a lot each day doesn’t work anymore.

Let’s talk about why that is and then dive into what pin numbers look like as part of a modern Pinterest strategy.

The Old Pinterest Strategy

It’s so important to remember that Pinterest is a platform that’s constantly evolving and changing to make things better for all Pinners–both business and personal users. Today, pin numbers aren’t really a strategy on their own, but rather a tactic we should use as part of our larger approach. But this hasn’t always been the case!

“Pin numbers aren’t really a strategy on their own, but rather a tactic we should use as part of our larger approach.”

Back in the day, people used to see success pinning many times a day–sometimes as many as 70 pins or more! Back then, you could pin and re-pin without losing traffic; how many pins you pinned didn’t really matter. You could also re-pin that content to as many as 10 or 20 different boards, depending on how many group boards you were involved with. 

But this strategy doesn’t work anymore, because the engineering behind Pinterest as a platform changed. Once Pinterest was able to better read image content, the platform’s algorithm realized that a lot of Pins were repeated content.

Now, instead of unique views per repeated pin, Pinterest essentially bundles repeated content and doesn’t consider repeated pins as new, even when pinned using a scheduler like Tailwind. Today’s Pinterest algorithm reflects what its users actually want: fresh content. That should be more of your focus than how many pins.

Pinterest and its users have evolved to favor unique content. If your strategy involves 70 Pins per day, you would have to create 70 new images daily if you want anyone to see your work. That’s 2,100 new images a month! And even if you did manage to create that much content… well, it really wouldn’t be all that helpful.

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The Best Pinterest Pinning Strategy

Through experimentation with my own account and client accounts, I have found that when you pass a threshold of about 6 to 10 pins a day, your overall results do not grow faster. You get more views, which can be helpful, but just pumping a high volume of content will not give you the results you want to achieve.

Think back to that old strategy where people made 70 Pins a day and you’ll start to realize that modern Pinterest favors quality over quantity. And remember: Pinterest is an ever-evolving platform. The number guidelines are just that—guidelines. This numerical tactic might not work in six months.

It’s important for businesses to be flexible and ready to pivot when their pinning strategies become less effective!

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How Many Pins?

Depending on the amount of content you have and how many people you have working with you, there are essentially three tiers of Pinterest pinning. These numbers are for standard pins, so think of these in terms of teaser images that link back to your website.

  • Tier 1: 1-3 pins per day 
  • Tier 2: 3-5 pins per day
  • Tier 3: 5-10 pins per day

Even if you’re just creating 1 pin per day, you’re developing a Pinterest presence. Your growth might be slow, but that’s ok; steady organic growth is better for long-term audience conversion. You’ll be getting people to know you.

If you’re creating 3-5 images a day, you’re moving from just having a presence to a growth setting—people are seeing your content, getting to know and like you. When you’re putting out 3-5 pieces of content per day, your audience is getting more familiar with what you have to offer. 

If you’re creating 5-10, or maybe even up to 12 Pins per day, you’re going to see faster growth and an increase in brand authority. By making your account come to life with more valuable content, people will seek out your account because they know that the content provides value. With this tier-three pinning level, you’ll be tapping into getting people to trust you.

So really, the right number of pins to create per day is a broad number. How many pins can you create consistently per day without getting overwhelmed or burned out? That is the number of pins you should be creating per day.

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