How to Build Your Pinterest Presence

If you want to learn how to build your Pinterest presence, one of the most important things to have is a consistent creation and publishing schedule. No matter what social media platform you may be using, the key to success is being consistent, visible, and available. This means balancing your content creation process with your output.

How to Build Your Pinterest Presence With Content

If you want to succeed on building your Pinterest presence and drive traffic to your site, then what you need is a way to consistently produce new content. To do this, you’ll need to be crafty, resourceful, and even a little bit sneaky.

Use Content Multiple Times

One of the biggest secrets to successful content creation is to create content that can be used across multiple platforms. I may be a Pinterest expert, but I also know the importance of spreading out your impact.

When you’re making a new video, be sure to record the whole thing! The content that you create for one video can be clipped, edited, and shared with many others, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Repurpose and Pre-Record Content

Recording and repurposing your content also gives you plenty of time to live your life.

When you pre-record new videos, you free yourself up to do something else on the day that the content will be posted. I may be in church on Sunday, but a Pinterest user will still see that I’m posting content consistently on my page.

For Pinterest, this consistency is super important. If you want to grow your Pinterest and boost your Pinterest presence, you want to make sure that your content is constantly being renewed. By doing this, you’re crafting a steady stream of information, which pushes old notifications out of the way and lets you rise back to the top of your audience’s relevant feeds.

Have a Consistent Persona

Another thing to consider when you’re building your Pinterest brand is your voice.

As a Pinterest educator, I have plenty of different “hats.” I’m a vine, and I spread myself out across many spaces instead of deeply rooting myself in a single spot. As I spread, I want to make sure that my content is clearly identifiable as mine.

To do this, I must create a brand identity. You, as a business owner or marketer, must do the same.

You’ll need to consider a few different things when building your Pinterest presence. First of all, if you’re showing your face and using your own voice, you’ll want to think of how you present yourself. Show yourself in the same setting consistently, and find the right groove to fall into as you make your pitches.

We’re not looking to strike out customers by throwing curveballs. We want to give them predictable, consistent content that will always get knocked out of the park!

In addition to your personal image, you should also consider your broader branding. 

  • What colors will you use for your content? 
  • What fonts will be used? 

The first thing that a user engages with is visual content, and ensuring that your visuals are consistent and unique to you is essential to becoming a recognizable name on Pinterest.

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Remember to Switch Things Up

As important as it is to be consistent, there’s still plenty of room for creativity.

Not every pin needs to be a sales pitch! You can still create plenty of fun content that revolves around your product or service, and you don’t have to end everything you post with a sales-related call to action.

Switch it up a little!

Post tutorials, hacks, and tips on how to engage with your product. Viewers can use this information to make better choices about your product, and this information can be further shared by your audience.

Keep in mind that doing this will not guarantee results. You probably won’t make consistently viral content, and that’s okay! Not everything has to be wildly popular. Some pins will take off, and others will be relatively low-key. Even the smaller pins are increasing your reach.

“Some pins will take off, and others will be relatively low-key. Even the smaller pins are increasing your reach.”

Practice Makes Perfect to Build Consistent Pinterest Presence

Even when you’re not working, you should still be practicing.

Refine your skills and your pitch in your free time! I like to stand in front of a mirror as I practice for my videos. That way, I can see how I might appear to an audience. This also allows me to test different poses and expressions.

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