How to Use Pinterest TV Better: The Latest Feature for Creators

Do you want to know how to get on Pinterest TV? If so, this blog post is for you!

This new feature will allow creators to stream live content on Pinterest. This could be a great way to grow your audience, engage with your followers and even generate more sales. In the following paragraphs I’ll share with you all I’ve recently experienced and learned about Pinterest TV.

What is Pinterest TV?

In a nutshell, Pinterest TV is a live streaming feature that allows content creators to share their work with followers in real-time.

One of my clients, Amanda Lee Hill, applied for the program a few weeks ago and was accepted! We weren’t sure what to expect from it. But after trying it out, I can say that it’s definitely a great way to engage with your followers, create a more personal connection with them and increase sales!

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How to Find and Watch Pinterest TV

Pinterest TV is currently accessible on iOS devices through the Pinterest app and any web browser at Pinterest plans to offer Android versions of Pinterest TV as soon as possible, with additional features and new formats to follow shortly after that.

Every day at 11 AM Eastern time, the new series will be made available. The episodes are recorded and may be watched on demand. Viewers will be able to keep and rewatch Pinterest TV shows they enjoy.

To watch episodes, communicate with hosts, ask questions through chat, and get answers in real time, open the Pinterest app and click the TV logo in the upper left corner. Make sure to have the most recent version of the Pinterest app installed on your device.

Pinterest TV in ios app

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Using Pinterest TV

  • You can grow your audience by reaching new people who might not have found you otherwise.
  • Pinterest TV is a great way to engage with followers and keep them updated on what you’re working on.
  • It can help generate more sales by providing a way for customers to buy products and services in real-time since you can post and tag items links.

How to Apply for Pinterest TV

Pinterest TV is currently only available to select content creators. You must fill out an application and if you meet Pinterest’s requirements, you’ll be invited. Pinterest Creators interested in creating their very own Pinterest TV episode can apply here.

What You Need to Know Before Applying

If you’re interested in using Pinterest TV, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Pinterest is looking for original content creators that have been publishing Idea Pins and abide by the Pinterest Creator’s Code.
  • Make sure your content is high quality and engaging. Nobody wants to watch a boring live stream!
  • You’ll need to provide a complete description of what you are planning to share during the stream.
  • You can invite guests and collaborators to your sessions.
  • Each session lasts 30 minutes and Pinterest provides remote tech support during your live broadcast.
  • All you need to stream your live is a phone with a good camera, a second device, and be connected to the internet.

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