New Pinterest Trend Predictions for Beauty, Fashion, and Home

The 2023 Pinterest Trends Predicts guide is out, so let’s take a look at what this amazing tool can help us do with our Pinterest marketing strategy for 2023. Especially if you are in the Beauty, Fashion, or Home niches, this information will be critical for having a successful marketing strategy on Pinterest in 2023. 

What Are Latest Pinterest Trends Predictions?

Pinterest Trends Predicts is an annual report that predicts about 30 Pinterest trend predictions for the upcoming year. Unlike most trend reports, this is a prediction, not a postmortem analysis, and these reports are highly accurate. 

The Pinterest Trends Predicts reports are usually about 80% accurate. But they aren’t using a crystal ball. Instead, they take a careful approach to looking at all kinds of information. They look at what’s going on in the world, what people are searching for, how they are searching for it, and more. 

This year, there are 27 key trends in the Pinterest Predicts report. Let’s have a look at some of them and think about how you can use them in your product development and digital marketing strategy.

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Beauty Trends for 2023: Hair

For 2023, Pinterest is predicting two major hair trends: Gemini Hair and Crown Care.

Gemini Hair is two-toned hair, often in bright colors. It is going to be popular with Gen Z and Millennials, and the important aspect of this aesthetic is contrast. 

This hair look mixes bright tones like blue, purple, and pink with natural hair colors. Currently, “blue and black braids” and “lavender and blonde hair” are rising searches.

Crown Care is trending with Gen X and Boomers but is appealing across all demographics because it’s also a wellness trend that focuses on skincare. Skincare has simply dominated the beauty sector in recent years! 

This recent interest in scalp care has resulted in many new products and multi-step routines. People are already searching for scalp massage techniques, clean scalp care products, and natural hair masks for growth.

Beauty Trends for 2023: Makeup

Micro Makeovers are a beauty trend that emphasizes short. Short nails, micro-length manicures, and chopped bob haircuts are all part of this trend. Short braids, micro bangs, and other very short hairstyles are going to be big in 2023.

Fashion Trends for 2023

Pinterest is predicting multiple trends this year that you’ll want to capitalize on with your marketing surrounding:

  • Fringe
  • Romcom
  • Sci-Fi

Pinterest is calling their 2023 prediction about fringed fashion “Fringe with Benefits,” and Gen X and Millennials are loving fringed fashion! Beaded fringes, tasseled jackets, and even fringed wedding dresses are on the rise. 

Fringes provide a flowy freedom of movement and expression that’s just plain fun to wear. Look for fashionable fringes in accessories and on shirts, skirts, and jackets. You can even find trendy fringed shoes!

Another fashionable prediction is Romcom Core. This style is inspired by the romantic comedies of the early 2000s and will be seen in the closets of both Millennials and Gen Z. Expect to see lots of pink, miniskirts, tinted sunglasses, claw clips, tube dresses, and more easy, breezy, summery fashion.

But not all of Pinterest Predicts fashion trends are nostalgic. Sci-Fi Fits, or outfits inspired by science fiction, are going to be of keen interest to Millennials and Gen Z. This trend is inspired by cyber design, the digital future, and Hollywood cinematic fantasies. 

All in all, it leads to an idea of a future that hasn’t yet come true– except in fashion! Look for mirrored surfaces and sunglasses, holographic fabrics, and more.

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Home Trends for 2023 

There are multiple Pinterest trends for home decor and living spaces (even party ideas) that Pinterest is predicting too:

  • Hipstoric
  • YOLO (you only live once)
  • Pool Pawties
  • Wildflours

The Hipstoric Home is trending in 2023 as Pinterest’s main home decor prediction. This Pinterest trend will see new uses for: 

  • Vintage
  • Second-hand items
  • Hand-me-down pieces 

This trend, led by Gen X and Boomers, will help people blend modern design choices with antique furniture where much of it is inherited. 

It’s a really cool way for people to honor the past but modernize it for their own tastes, and we can expect to see lots of DIY projects coming out of this trend.

Party Anyone?

We’re also going to see some fun and interesting party trends, if Pinterest Trends Predicts is correct (and it usually is!). One of these is “The YOLO Years,” a trend led by Boomers and Gen X. Parties aren’t just for college kids, and we’ll see a lot more celebration from older generations as they celebrate major milestones… or just want to have fun!

Another party trend is “Pool Pawties,” i.e. pool parties for pups! This is another Gen X and Boomer-led trend—the kids are out of the house, so it’s time to throw a party for the pets. 

Searches for these parties will include: 

  • Favors and treats
  • Invitations
  • Dog-friendly cakes

And, speaking of cakes, Wildflours is another trend Pinterest is predicting. These gorgeous cakes and other baked goods feature floral designs and flavors. Gen X and Millennials are driving this one, with searches for the “herbal apothecary aesthetic” up 1025%. And it’s not just floral-inspired decoration; these cakes often use real edible foliage in their design. That’s what we call commitment to a trend!

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Use 2023 Pinterest Trends Predicts To Your Advantage

What Pinterest Predicts trends are you most interested in? Which Pinterest trends can you use within your business and create content, products, or services around? 

Remember, Pinterest trends last longer than any other internet trend, so they’re not just fun and trendy– they’re a smart business strategy. 

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