Supercharge with 2023 Pinterest Predictions for Finance, Travel, & Entertainment

Pinterest Prediction 2023 has finally arrived, providing us insight into what’s going to be popular this coming year. 

Let’s take a look at what we can glean from this invaluable tool, what it means, and how we can apply it to our Pinterest marketing strategies moving forward.

What is Pinterest Prediction 2023?

Pinterest Prediction is a report released at the end of every year which gives its predictions for some of next year’s most popular trends. Though it’s best to take any prediction with a grain of salt, Pinterest Prediction has a track record of being extremely accurate. 

With a success rate of around 80%, this comes from careful observation throughout the past year of:

  • Searches
  • Interactions
  • Interests of its users

On that note, let’s take a look at some of Pinterest Predicts’ top trends for 2023 in finance, travel, entertainment, plus a few other niches.

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Wellbeing Trends for 2023: All Around Self-Care

Pinterest is expecting a rise in both mental and physical self-care trends, with the Primal Movement and Now Processing trends at the top of the list.

Primal Movement is a fitness trend that encourages people to take a break from the screens and get a bit of exercise. Trending searches are focused on mobility stretches and exercises to fix the neck hump from looking down at a screen.

On the flip side, there’s Now Processing, an online movement that encourages people to find ways to express themselves creatively in order to promote their mental well-being. Popular topics include: 

  • Creative writing
  • Music therapy
  • Art journaling

Financial Trends for 2023: The Cha-Ching Challenge

With the cost of living on the rise, many Pinterest users are looking for creative and fun ways to save money, resulting in the popular Cha-Ching Challenge. People seem to be most interested in topics such as timed saving and budgeting challenges.

Family Trends for 2023: New Parenting Styles

Many new parents on Pinterest are looking for ways to give their children the best upbringing possible, which has resulted in two major trends called The Fourth Trimester and Beyond Blue & Pink.

The Fourth Trimester is all about postpartum care. Expecting parents are searching for:

  • Postpartum must-haves
  • Quick and easy meals for the first few days with their newborn
  • Other essentials parents want when they realize they don’t have them

On the other hand, many are figuring out how to best support the new parents in their lives, with interests in postpartum baskets, postpartum gifts, and more.

For parents of toddlers and young children, there’s Beyond Blue & Pink, which seeks to deconstruct antiquated gender norms and raise kids in a supportive environment where they can freely express themselves. Popular topics include: 

  • Personal pronoun flashcards
  • Gender flags
  • Self-identity activities to help kids figure out who they are
  • Gender-neutral names to further promote free self-expression

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Travel Trends for 2023: All Aboard

All Aboard is a popular travel trend, with many Millennials and Gen-Z users trying to make their travels more sustainable. As the name would suggest, train travel is rising in popularity as a result, with users showing a vested interest in the aesthetics of train travel as well as train station photography.

Hobby Trends for 2023: Aesthetics and Design

Pinterest users are showing a very high interest in aesthetics for 2023, with the Rainscapes, Good on Paper, and Mush-Rooms trends focusing on aesthetically pleasing designs in many forms.

Rainscapes combines aesthetics and sustainability with a rising interest in designing good-looking landscapes that minimize water usage. Popular topics include: 

  • Sustainable, drought-resistant landscapes
  • Rainwater harvesting architecture
  • Aesthetically pleasing rainwater storage

Mush-Rooms focuses much more on interior design, with quirky fungal decor bringing the weirdcore aesthetic to the homes of Boomers and Gen-Z users alike. These users seem to be interested in vintage and fantasy themes in their house decor, especially mushroom-themed decor pieces. There’s also a rising interest in DIY mushroom decor, so crafty Pinterest creators should be sure to hop on the bandwagon!

In a similarly crafty vein, Good on Paper revisits the art of paper crafting in its many forms and is especially popular among Boomers and Gen-Z users. People are looking to test their imaginations and crafting skills with topics such as:

  • Origami
  • Paper animals
  • Paper mache furniture
  • Quilling

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Hobby Trends for 2023: Date Different

Date Different is a rising Pinterest Trend among Gen-Z users that are looking to redefine what a date can be. Rather than your standard evening dinner, these users seem more interested in taking their significant others to bookstores, aquariums, museums, and even out on picnics!

Entertainment Trends for 2023: All the Raves

Going into 2023, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 lockdowns are well and truly over, and Gen-Z users are ready to get back into rave culture with All the Raves! Popular topics include: 

  • Rave fashion
  • Rave party aesthetics
  • Techno styles

So, which of these trends are you most interested in? Unlike other sites, Pinterest trends tend to stick around, so by deciding which trends to focus on, you’re making a solid investment of time and effort. 

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