7 Strategic Ways to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Business Account to Success

2023 is here, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll continue growing your Pinterest business account in the new year and setting goals accordingly. Of course, realizing these goals without a proper plan can be difficult, but taking a few key actions will make all the difference.

On that note, let’s discuss seven of the most important adjustments to make in the new year. Each of these will allow your Pinterest business account to skyrocket, giving you more engagement than ever before.

  • Keep your Pinterest business account tidy
  • Create content intentionally
  • Connect your website
  • Create a blog
  • Use short form video
  • Setup an email list
  • Stay consistent

1. Tidy Up Your Pinterest Business Account

Chances are, you already have a Pinterest business account, but it’s worth re-examining its status every now and then. To boost your brand’s page in the algorithm’s rankings, you need to have current keywords distributed throughout your page descriptions. Be sure keywords are both present and relevant to the algorithm.

Next, start tidying up your content. Once you’ve spent long enough on Pinterest, clutter may start to build up across your page. You should have plenty of clear, appealing visuals in your feed, and these visuals should be relevant to your brand, interesting to your customers, and in keeping with your overall brand personality.

If you see Pins that you don’t feel represent your brand well, it may be time to archive them, leaving a carefully curated feed for your audience to enjoy.

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2. Create Content Intentionally

When you’re creating your content, be sure it’s designed to appeal to your audience. While something may be interesting or entertaining to people like you, you also have to consider how it’ll perform in your targeted and desired demographics.

Remember that ultimately, it’s your audience that drives your content’s success and engagement levels. So the content you’re publishing should be something that they’re easily able to interact with and enjoy.

To determine what your audience is looking for, make use of Pinterest Trends. Pinterest Trends is a tool for content creators that keeps you posted on the most popular searches, topics, and content formats. Using this, you can get a better understanding of your audience’s interests and adjust your content accordingly with your Pinterest business account.

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3. Create a Website

While Pinterest is an excellent site for showcasing and advertising, an external website is just as important. Your website serves as a next step for converting viewers into customers, allowing them to learn more about your brand and make purchases, starting from your Pinterest business account.

In addition, it can be used as a sort of nexus for all your other important links, such as other social media sites and affiliate links, organizing them and making it easier to find you on platforms outside of Pinterest.

4. Create a Blog

A blog is something of a unique content format, allowing you to provide detailed information about your products and services in an approachable, engaging, and non-salesy way. This can be used to provide insight into your process, share special offers, and present a more appealing brand image.

This blog content is also easily converted into Pinterest content, allowing you to create high-quality Pins with very little extra effort. External links can be applied to blog articles and Pins alike, driving even more engagement and sales, from your Pinterest business account.

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5. Use Short Form Video

Though many think of it as an image-based site, Pinterest is ultimately a video-sharing platform. Short form videos in the form of Idea Pins and Video Pins have consistently strong performance with the algorithm and audience members alike. 

Pinterest is ultimately a video-sharing platform. Short form videos in the form of Idea Pins and Video Pins have consistently strong performance with the algorithm.

By publishing more videos, you can encourage an uptick in engagement. Then, you can attach a link to your website to these Pins, capitalizing on the engagement boost both on Pinterest and across the internet as a whole.

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6. Set up an Email List

Often, your audience members will find themselves interested in your brand, but may not be ready to make a commitment by spending money. An email list is perfect for converting these interested viewers into loyal customers with your Pinterest business account.

You can use an email list to:

  • Provide extra information and resources
  • Fun facts and exclusive content
  • Downloads like free guides
  • Special offers or discounts only available through email 

Each of these keeps your audience in the loop on your brand’s status and encourages them to invest in your services.

7. Keep it Consistent

Most importantly, you have to be consistent when publishing content. The Pinterest algorithm values consistency above almost anything else, so posting original content daily will allow you to keep rising in the search rankings. Of course, daily Pins may seem time-consuming and intimidating, but there are ways to simplify things. 

Don’t spend all day agonizing over what your daily pin should be. Instead, build up a backlog of pins and schedule them for future release. Even if you can’t find the time to post, a pin will go up automatically for that day, ensuring your engagement keeps growing.

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Ready to Grow Your Pinterest Business Account

By putting these practices into motion, you’ll notice incredible growth on your Pinterest business account, giving your brand the recognition it deserves.


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