Use Pinterest Predicts 2023 to Set Up Your Business for Success

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for digital marketing today. This unique visual search engine attracts users from all over the world, across all social demographics. 

A strong Pinterest marketing strategy is extremely important for your business’s digital marketing success. Every year, Pinterest releases an amazing tool for businesses: Pinterest Predicts. 

Today, we’re going to talk about how Pinterest Predicts 2023 can help your business grow.

What Is Pinterest Predicts 2023?

Pinterest Predicts is an annual year-end release that isn’t just a report on business practices. Instead, it uses four key elements to an approach that looks at how trends are likely to evolve across the next year: 

  • Data examination
  • Curation
  • Inclusion
  • Accountability

The information in each of these areas, if applied to your marketing strategy, will give you very good odds at having great success on Pinterest in the coming year.

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Data Examination

In the first stage of identifying trends for Pinterest Predicts 2023, Pinterest uses data science to work through the billions of searches that occur each month. They also look at these searches over a two-year period to capture a better understanding of how things trended in the past. 

Search data is normalized to exclude seasonal biases like holiday searches, and then once this data set is established, the Pinterest crew applies their predictive analytics. 

Pinterest’s predictive approach uses a trend score with modeling to help identify what’s likely to trend in the future. They also use a data trendline to ensure that they’re identifying trends as close to inception as possible. 

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About 500,000 searches qualify for the annual Pinterest Predicts 2023… but each report identifies around 30 potential trends for the next year. How are these few searches selected? 

Teams of writers, designers, researchers, and strategists come together to distill these 500,000 search terms into about 50 distinct trends. 

At the same time, Pinterest’s trend spotter team looks at what’s happening in the world to figure out why these trends may occur. These teams work together to curate a list of around 30 trends.


Pinterest is a global platform, even though they are centered in the United States. This is why they check every trend for global relevancy and representation. They even partner with an external focus group to check for bias and to ensure that the trend predictions are universal with an appeal across all demographics. This sets them apart and makes them way more useful for content marketing.

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The trends in Pinterest predicts 2023 are predicted at around 80% accuracy, which is extremely high. One of the main reasons for this is the accountability built into the predictions. Pinterest trends are monitored throughout the year and graded based on their performance. 

Pinterest gets internal and external feedback and works to find out why they get some things right and some things wrong. Every year the methodology is revised and updated. Pinterest is a constantly evolving platform, and its annual prediction process is certainly part of that.

How To Use Pinterest Predicts 2023 For Success

Pinterest trends are unlike other Internet trends in several key ways, and knowing these can help you get on top and master these trends. Trends on Pinterest sustain 21% longer monthly growth than trends elsewhere on the internet. This means that Pinterest trends are more than just the meme of the week—they are something you can actually strategize around and capitalize on!

This means that Pinterest trends are more than just the meme of the week—they are something you can actually strategize around and capitalize on!

But how to do this? 

Know What The Trends Are

First, you need to know what the trends are. The Pinterest Predicts 2023 report shares 27 major trends for the next year, and they are usually about 80% accurate in their predictions. Pinterest trends take off faster and remain relevant across audiences for longer than other Internet trends. 

Look at How These Trends Could be Relevant to Your Business 

What do you sell, make, or do? How can that align with things that are popular? Try to find ways to incorporate trends in your branding and marketing materials. 

Trending keywords are often used by the Pinterest audience to find ideas and inspiration, so try to make your brand fit with that idea.

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Use Pinterest predicts 2023 Trends For Product Development

Pinterest predicts 2023 trends are also super helpful for product development. You can use predicted trends to make products or market services in a way that will likely catch on over the next year. 

By having those products or services ready to go before the trend fully hits, you will be able to catch the first wave of interest and be established as a trendsetter as the trend continues to grow.

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Directly Use The Trends Tool

Another way that you can use Pinterest’s predictions for your business’s marketing strategy is to use the Trends tool. This tool will help you identify trends and their demographics more easily. You can search across age groups, regions, interests, keywords, types of trends, and more. 

Pinterest predicts 2023 is a powerful tool for digital marketing. Don’t hesitate to dive in and explore some of these trends to boost your business and set yourself up for success!

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