5 Mistakes You Are Making on Pinterest

Let’s talk about the most common mistakes you are making on Pinterest with business and how to fix them! If you are guilty of making any of them, don’t worry, you are not alone and by the end of this, you will know how to make sure you don’t make them again!

1. You aren’t using keywords strategically in your descriptions.

Pin descriptions play an important role for Pinterest to understand and index every single pin you publish.

Pins that contain clear and relevant keywords in the description, tend to get better and faster distribution on search results.

Don’t just stack keywords. Use the keywords you want your content to be ranked for in complete sentences.

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2. You are not using keywords on your profile and profile description.

It’s important to use keywords strategically on your profile as well.

Use relevant keywords along with your business name. Your profile name is searchable and adding relevant keywords will help people find you. When writing a description for your brand, don’t forget to use keywords as well.

Think of your profile description as an elevator pitch where you share what problems your business solves for the audience.

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3. You’re pinning too many pins from other people’s boards that are not relevant to you.

You can pin content from other pinners if you want to curate content for your followers. But if your goal is to gain an engaged following and drive traffic to your website, you must focus on creating and pinning YOUR own content.

A common mistake you can make is pinning content from other accounts. It is a great way to inspire and share ideas, but it’s not a tactic that will help your own account grow faster for marketing purposes.

If you have been pinning content from other accounts for your personal use, you don’t need to delete those pins or boards. Unless the content pinned relates to your own content and audience, it’s best to clean up those boards and turn them secret.

4. You are treating Pinterest as social media

Pinterest is not a social media platform like Instagram and Facebook. It’s a visual search engine with social media capabilities. That affects how the content is shown when pinners search and how pinners behave. Pinners are looking for ideas and inspiration. They are not looking to create social connections as they would on social media platforms.

Pinterest is pretty much the introvert’s platform. People come to Pinterest to dream, to get inspired, and for positivity. Don’t expect people to be interested in your life details, but rather how you can inspire and give value to their lives.

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5. You are expecting immediate results.

Pinterest is a visual search engine and like all other SEO efforts, getting results takes some time. You need to build your authority on Pinterest by pinning regularly and consistently. Make sure to use keywords for better distribution of pins.

There are more lesser known ones you are making on Pinterest but these are the most common mistakes. By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be able to build your presence on Pinterest better.

Avoiding these common pitfalls will help you get better results for your brand.

Final Thought on Common Mistakes You Are Making on Pinterest

Pinterest is a slow burn. The upside is that the content pinned on Pinterest becomes evergreen and has a much longer lifespan than content posted to social media platforms. Don’t expect immediate organic results on Pinterest, but rather long-lasting results. Most accounts start seeing growth after 3 months or more of consistently implementing a pinning strategy.

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