How to Write the Perfect Pinterest Bio

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your Pinterest profile, take a look at your bio. Though it may seem like a minor factor in the grand scheme of things, a well-written Pinterest bio can have a shockingly large impact on your engagement levels and follower count, from greater visibility to extended reach in search results. 

Of course, there’s no such thing as a universally perfect bio, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure your bio is perfect for you. That being said, let’s take a closer look at what to pay attention to when writing your Pinterest bio.

Search Engine Optimization Within Your Pinterest Bio

The key to creating the perfect Pinterest bio is remembering what exactly Pinterest is. One of the most common mistakes new Pinterest users make is copying their bio from other social media sites. The problem? Pinterest isn’t just another social media platform, it’s a visual search engine, and its algorithm reflects that. Simply put, a bio that’s effective on other sites may not work for Pinterest.

With most sites, you’re simply writing your bio to appeal to your desired audience. On Pinterest, however, you’re also trying to appeal to the algorithm. As such, your bio should have a very heavy focus on SEO, using relevant keywords in the right places to boost your search rankings. Do some keyword research in advance to determine which keywords will help you secure a solid ranking in your field, then rewrite your bio accordingly.

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Use the Right Banner

Of course, the distinction between Pinterest and other search engines is that Pinterest is almost entirely visual. Because of this, the visual elements in your bio are just as, if not more important than the bio itself. This visual element comes in the form of a banner, which will be displayed alongside your bio when people visit your page.

This banner can be used to provide a bit of extra information, but don’t just use it to continue talking about your brand. Instead, use it to give your audience something to remember you by such as a quick, catchy blurb, tagline, or motto that reflects what your brand stands for. Write to convince viewers that you can help them, whether that’s by providing tools, advice, or even just inspiration.

“Write to convince viewers that you can help them, whether that’s by providing tools, advice, or even just inspiration.”

In addition, it may also help to create and display a few organized boards on your page, allowing you to share ideas and inspiration in a clean, organized way. Used in tandem with a well-designed banner, they give your brand page a very organized, put-together look. This makes your page much more user-friendly and accessible, which further increases its overall aesthetic appeal.

Write For Pinterest Users

Though we touched on it a bit before, let’s return to who exactly you’re writing a bio for. You’re not just writing for anyone, you’re very specifically writing for Pinterest users, so it’s important to remember what they’re looking for. Pinterest users behave differently from other social media users, so it’s critical that you understand their searching habits and general trends when writing your bio.

Pinterest users are typically looking for: 

  • Tools
  • Solutions
  • Inspiration

Rather than talking about yourself and what you do, talk about what you can do for your audience. 

  • mention the people your profile is designed to help
  • the services you provide your viewers
  • the problems you help to solve
  • why people should follow you

To this end, it’s also worth considering the name you have attached to your profile. People aren’t searching for your name or your brand, they’re searching for solutions. As such, it’s worth adding the services you provide at the end of your profile name, rather than your name alone. 

For example, I’d use something like “Tereza Toledo – Pinterest Expert/Digital Marketing Strategist.” This not only tells people who I am, but what I have to offer as well, instantly making my page seem more valuable to my viewers.

Elements of a Great Bio

Simply put, a perfect Pinterest bio is the combination of proper keyword use, an understanding of your audience and the algorithm, and the ability to provide value. View it as an elevator pitch of sorts, your chance to sell someone on your brand in an extremely short amount of time. Every word counts, so pay close attention to your choice of words. Your viewers should understand the benefits of following you and how you can help them, not just what you do. 

“Your viewers should understand the benefits of following you and how you can help them, not just what you do.”

With your bio written, all that’s left to do is add a link to your other socials, your personal website, or a Linktree to send more web traffic your way. It’s one of the easiest ways to gain an edge over the competition, ultimately giving your brand the traffic and attention it deserves.

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