5 Smart Tips to Create Scroll-Stopping Pinterest Pins

Let’s talk pin design! I have 5 helpful tips that will help you create powerful, scroll-stopping images for your Pinterest pins.

Full disclosure, I am not a Graphic Designer, but I have been designing successful pins for over 4 years. 

1. Be Mindful When Choosing Images

When you choose the image for your Pinterest pins, whether it is a product image, images of yourself, stock images from a free website, or a paid stock image website, make sure the image you choose is an attractive inspiring image. It’s important the image you choose relates to the topic you are talking about.

When you create a pin, the goal is for people to click the pin and go to your website, product, or offer. Make sure there is a connection between the pin destination and the image you’re using.

Keep in mind, you’re giving the pinner a sequence, a journey, a connection, that way when they arrive at the page, they are where they thought they’d be. Make sure the pin image creates continuity and that it makes sense with the destination URL.

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2. Make Easy to Read Pins

Keep in mind that most people are using Pinterest on their phones. What does this mean? It means the images are small. With this in mind, it’s important the text overlay on your pin is easy to read, the font is big enough, and it’s not too crowded. This will help the pinner read the pin in a split second while they scroll.

3. Use Easy to Read Fonts

I know you may have a script font for your brand, but be very cautious when using this font for pins. It’s okay to use the font for accents but not the main text.

Pinterest can read what you have on your image, but it’s tough for Pinterest to read script fonts when it’s categorizing or indexing your pin.

When people are scrolling they might not be able to read the font right away. If the brain does not read the pin in a split second, the pinner is going to keep scrolling and will not click.

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4. Take Caution With Color Contrast

When choosing colors for a Pinterest pin, it’s possible to choose colors that clash, which then causes the font to look blurry, or the color appears to bleed, and this makes it hard to read.

Remember, people are looking at the images and they’re small and they’re looking super fast. You want to make your pin a powerful, scroll stopping, tapping, and clicking worth pin. Make sure the text is very easy to read and the contrast is on point!

5. Keep Your Pin Positive

When creating Pinterest pin images, it’s important to keep your pin positive, even if you are not talking about something positive. If you are offering a solution for a problem, try to approach from the solution viewpoint.

For example, if you are talking about how to deal with burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, or other negative emotions, it’s okay to split test. But people and Pinterest would rather see an image that is inspiring. It’s better if the image shows what happens after dealing with the feelings or problem. 

Always bring a positive and inspiring side when you are choosing images and text for your Pinterest pins.

Pinterest wants to be a platform filled with positivity, inspiration, and avoid negativity or anything that brings us down.

Pinterest wants to be a platform filled with positivity, inspiration, and avoid negativity or anything that brings us down.

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Quick Recap for Creating Pinterest Pins

  1. Be mindful when choosing images for your Pinterest pins. Pick images that relate to what you have on the URL, not only in the content but also visually.
  2. Make sure your pins are easy to read.
  3. Be mindful when using script fonts.
  4. Take caution with color contrast. Make sure the colors go together and are easy to read.
  5. Keep it very inspiring and positive.

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