Do You Need Group Boards to Succeed on Pinterest?

First of all, what are Group Boards on Pinterest?

A Group Board allows you to invite or accept people to the board so that you can all contribute to the board together. In other words, it allows multiple people to pin on one board. 

Group Boards were a big hit back in 2018 and were a popular way to grow Pinterest accounts. This is because when you were pinning content to Group Boards, you were getting more exposure. This is due to the fact that the members in the group were more likely to see your Pins on their feed. 

However, this was not the way that Pinterest had intended Group Boards to be used. The original purpose of Group Boards was supposed to be solely for collaboration with people you know– not as a marketing tool to grow your business. 

For example, let’s say you’re planning a photoshoot for your brand. A Group Board is a great way for you and your photographer to plan the shoot by finding and pinning photos for inspiration. It lets you both contribute to the board to share your ideas with one another.  

Pinterest did not intend Group Boards to be used as a marketing tool. So when Pinterest realized that people were using Group Boards in this way, they made changes to encourage people to go back to using Group Boards in the way they were intended— for collaboration with people you know. 

Once Pinterest made these changes, the content that was being dumped into popular Group Boards stopped getting the traction it once did. Not only that but depending on how you were pinning to those Group Boards, Pinterest would now mark your actions as spamming behavior. If Pinterest thinks that you are spamming, you could end up in Pinterest jail (your account is blocked or suspended).

What do you do if your account is already a part of a ton of Group Boards?

Take a look at the analytics of your group boards on your Pinterest and/or Tailwind account. Take note of which boards are getting the most impressions and link clicks. If your pins within your Group Boards are sending you a lot of traffic, then it’s worth keeping them (or at least putting them on probation and continue to observe what’s going on).

If there are groups where you’re not seeing much interaction, let them go or archive them (even if they’re groups that you created). Instead, put your time and efforts into another part of your strategy.

Can you still use group boards? Yes. Especially if you’re using them for collaboration with friends or are using them with your clients to share content and ideas. However, be cautious if you’re using them as a marketing tool. If you decide to create multiple boards or join group boards, just go slow. Trying to create or join too many boards on the same day can get you suspended.

If you’re creating any type of board or are requesting to join group boards, don’t go crazy and create or join 20 in a day. Take it slow, otherwise, it will look spammy to Pinterest which can end you up in Pinterest jail. 

So, can you still use Group Boards? Yes. Do you need Group Boards to be successful on Pinterest? No, and it may be best to avoid them in order to prevent you from getting suspended. 

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