7 Tips to Make a Pin go Viral

Just a few years ago it was fairly easy to get a pin to go viral. There didn’t necessarily have to be anything special about it, you didn’t have to promote it, and it could almost effortlessly go viral organically.

Nowadays, it’s a bit harder to get a pin to go viral organically. The reason? The algorithm. 

Since the pin distribution within Pinterest has changed, we now have to pivot and adjust. 

Here are 7 tips to help a pin go viral today:

  1. Use Relevant Images:
    The first thing you need to consider is the image you are using. It’s important that the image you choose is related to your content so that you don’t mislead your audience. Otherwise they’ll just ‘click and bounce’ once they realize that it took them to a site that’s unrelated to the pin. 
  2. Use Eye-Catching Images
    It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of people are scrolling fairly fast through Pinterest. Imagine cars driving past billboards on the highway– you need to have something eye-catching about those billboards in order to catch people’s attention while they swiftly drive by. Similarly, you need to use eye-catching images in your pin in order for people to take notice while they swiftly scroll by. Use high-quality images from either your own personal images or stock images.
  3. Use Text Overlay
    Depending on your niche, you should consider putting text on your images. For certain niches such as fashion or interior design, images without text overlay can perform well because people are just looking for inspiration. However, it can be helpful to provide text on your image that tells the audience what they’re going to find once they click on it. Without text overlay, they may not have any reason to click on the image because they have no idea what that image is going to take them to.  
  4. Use Easy-to-Read Text
    When you are creating your pin with text overlay, make sure it’s easy to read. Consider the fact that most people are looking at Pinterest on their phones. A smaller screen means your text is going to show up smaller. So make sure your text is large enough and easy to read. Script fonts are harder to read so use them sparingly. 
  5. Use a Call to Action
    You want to make sure that you have a call to action. In your call to action don’t give your audience too much information. You want to give your audience a teaser and make them want more. 
  6. Use Keywords and Key images

Use keywords not only in your pin title and description but also within the text overlay Make sure the image that you choose relates to the content. Pinterest can “see” your image and identify items in your pins. For example, if you use an image of a car, Pinterest will connect it to other car images. Pinterest can see both your text and what is in the image you choose in order to organize your pin appropriately. So choose relevant keywords and images so that your pin shows up for people that are looking for those subjects! 

  1. Use Relevant Boards
    Make sure you pin your image to a relevant board. You always want to make sure that your boards are very specific. Don’t put your pin on a random or generic board. Put your pin on a board that is related to the content. This will help Pinterest to know what the pin is about and who should see that pin.

    Now you have the tips you need to maximize the chances of your pin going viral. 


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