How to Build a Strong Pinterest Account

How is Pinterest Like Fitness or Weight Lifting?

What if I told you that building a healthy Pinterest account that works for you, your business, and your client’s business can be obtained by following the same principles as in fitness and weight lifting? You might think I’m crazy, but I’m not!  I have been working with Pinterest for five years now, and every day I see things happening and I understand how Pinterest works.

When you are starting a Pinterest account, taking on a client’s account, or reinventing a pinning strategy, GO SLOWLY,  just as you would in fitness/weight lifting.

  • Start slow/build-up
  • research
  • Optimize
  • Warm up the account
  • Increase pinning slowly
  • Be intentional
  • Be consistent
  • Be persistent

What is Pinterest Jail

After you’ve done your research and optimized your profile, start pinning 5 fresh standard pins a day of your own content.  When you have time to create more content, increase to 7 or 8 pins a day. 

Remember to build up slowly because just as in fitness/weight lifting, you can cause injuries, burn out, and become frustrated if you try to do too much too quickly.  You can also injure yourself on Pinterest.  Creating 10 plus boards a day and pinning like crazy is like putting too much weight on the bar on your first day of weight lifting.  If Pinterest views this as “spamming”, you may find yourself in “Pinterest Jail”…a suspended account. Although not a physical injury, you will suffer by spending hours sending emails apologizing and begging Pinterest to reinstate your account.

You will have phases of growth and phases of maintenance with Pinterest just as you would in fitness/weight lifting.  You don’t want to stop; just keep being consistent to see results.

When Will I See Results

You might think that increasing your pins slowly won’t give you results, but trust me, you will get results when you implement the right strategy, but it will take at least a few months of intentional consistent pinning to start seeing results, (unless you’re running ads and that’s a different story). Don’t trust the person who tells you the opposite.  Run…they just want your money!  I’m not saying that quicker results can’t happen, because it can, depending upon your niche, content, images, and the time of the year; I’m just saying that it’s not the norm.

Pinterest can be compared to fitness when it comes to results.  When you start out in your fitness program, you don’t see results immediately, it takes time. Results on Pinterest, as with your body, are not something you want to work for just a short time, but for life.  To get long-lasting results, you need to be intentional, consistent, and persistent.  Consistency and intentionality will help you deal with Pinterest’s ebbs and flows.  Remember, instant results are not sustainable.

Coming Back After A Break

If you have taken a break on Pinterest and have slowed down, don’t go all-in-crazy when you come back or you will lose all the efforts you have previously invested.  Again, you must start slowly and build up to the desired level. You might think that “burnout” can’t happen to you, but trust me, it can happen to anyone. If you try to blow it up all at once, you’ll blow it out.

What About Promoted Pins

When you are putting money behind Pinterest ads/Promoted Pins, I advise you to go slowly and don’t go all-in. Don’t start a campaign with a full budget because that will most likely cause burnout.  You will also waste a ton of money, become frustrated, and join the “Pinterest-doesn’t-work-for-me-team”.  Nobody wants to be on that team!

Pinterest Can Work For You

If you say that you have tried Pinterest and it didn’t work for you, then you didn’t have the right approach and strategy. Pinterest can work for you and it can be sustainable. You can achieve marketing results for your brand, business, or blog with the right strategy.  Long-lasting great results are waiting for you on Pinterest. Remember to start slowly, do all your research, optimize your profile, be intentional, consistent, and persistent, give it time to grow and your results will be long-lasting and totally worth the wait and effort.


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