How to Drive Traffic to Your Website (Super Fast!) Using Pinterest

How do you get the most out of Pinterest? First, always keep in mind Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is a visual search engine. To get the most out of Pinterest and how to drive traffic from it, implement these 5 tips to quickly increase traffic to your blog, or website.

Create or Convert to a Pinterest Business Account 

(If you would like a super-easy guide to help you set up your Pinterest account, click here.)

Having a Pinterest business account will allow you access to analytics. When combined with your own Google analytics you will have amazing insights on what is working and what is not working. Those analytics will show you how to drive traffic with the results (or lack of) you’re getting.

Another exciting feature for business accounts is story pins! If you don’t have access to story pins yet, you will eventually. Story pins are fantastic for engagement, creating a following, and for getting seen on Pinterest. 

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Claim Your Website

What does claiming your website mean? It means going into Pinterest and following the steps Pinterest provides to claim your website (be sure to add all of the tags Pinterest recommends!).

By doing this Pinterest will have the ability to verify your website and ensure the content you are posting is coming from a valid website. The more Pinterest knows and understands your website, the more Pinterest will share your content. This is a one-time step and is very important!

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Create Engaging Pins

When creating new content, always keep in mind that you want the images to be engaging. Create eye-catching, showstopping images. If you have blog posts, create pins for every blog post.

Make sure the pictures are clear, there is text overlay, and that you add your logo or website URL. You can use photoshop, or my personal favorite, Canva. Canva is a great one-stop-shop! You can use Canva for creating images, video pins, minor video editing, and you can store templates.

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Pin Consistently

Be consistent on the platform! If you have five blog posts, and you create five pins for each blog post (a great starting point) do not pin them all at once. Instead, spread them out by using the Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind, or by manually pinning five pins a day. Pinning a little bit every day goes a long way and creates trust between you and the platform.

Create Content and Refresh Content, Consistently

Make a goal to consistently create new content, and stick to it. For example, create one blog post a week, along with new pins and create a Pinterest schedule. Join Tailwind to schedule pins, or the Pinterest scheduler to make scheduling easier.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind, nothing much is going to happen if you pin for two weeks, and then forget about Pinterest. Pinterest usually does not work that way. Having a consistent pinning strategy is very important. When you think about Pinterest, think about it as a long term strategy, not something that is going to work overnight.

While creating new pin images, take time to refresh older content by creating new images.

If you don’t have new content coming out weekly, use that week to refresh older content by creating new pin images. If you have seasonal content, create new pin images and bring the content back to life for the season.

In Summary For How to Drive Traffic With Pinterest

Implementing these five easy tips will help you attract more traffic to your website, and strengthen your Pinterest strategy.

Keep in mind, Pinterest wants fresh, high-quality content. Pinterest wants to build connections and engagement.

Think of your pins as a way to inspire others with new ideas and products.

Instead of thinking about your pins as advertisements, think about them as inspiration. Think of your pins as a way to inspire others with new ideas and products.

If you have any questions on how to drive traffic with Pinterest, please reach out, I would be happy to respond.

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