The Lazy Pinterest Pinning Strategy for Busy Business Owners

A few questions that a lot of business owners like you have is how frequently they should be pinning things on Pinterest. Is there such a thing as a Pinterest pinning strategy? How much content do you need to create for an effective Pinterest marketing strategy? 

Can You Be Lazy About Your Pinterest Pinning Strategy?

While it can be very helpful to increase the volume of the things you create for Pinterest, the reality is that not everyone has time for that. If you follow what I call my “lazy” Pinterest marketing strategy, you will see maximum returns for very little effort.

Optimize Your Account

If your Pinterest business account isn’t optimized, any Pinterest pinning strategy is much less effective. Before you start pinning, go over your account and make sure that you…

  • Have filled out your name, profile, board titles, and board descriptions
  • Are using the proper keywords
  • Have done keyword and trend research to see what the best keywords are
  • Have an amazing bio that tells your audience what they need to know
  • Made a banner that looks good on phones and tablets (which is how most people use Pinterest)

Once you’ve optimized your account, you are ready to begin my lazy pinning strategy!

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Consistency Is Key

Even though this is a “lazy” Pinterestpinning strategy, you still need to be consistent. You don’t have to focus on high volume, but you do need a good time period of consistency to see the best results. I recommend implementing this for a minimum of 90 days to 6 months to see results; this is not an overnight strategy!

Pin Types

For this Pinterest pinning strategy, you will be creating Idea Pins and Standard Pins. If you want to take a step up and also make Video Pins, you can– but for this strategy, we’ll start simple. 

For your pins, you will want to use Canva and choose some templates that are simple and easy to read on your phone. Avoid creating pins that are really wordy or have a huge text overlay, unless you are making something like an infographic. 

Create about five different pins for every product or blog post that you have, and make sure that the images change with each pin. You can use stock photos or your own images, and your static images should be 1000 by 1500 pixels tall; this is the standard Canva template size, so no need to worry too much about it.

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How Frequently To Pin

For the Standard Pins you create, you will be pinning one per day with this marketing strategy. That’s it! You can pin them manually or schedule them. You will use your main keywords in your pin’s title and make sure that it links to the most relevant, specific board for that piece of content. 

In addition to Standard Pins, you will also be creating one Idea Pin per day. While this might seem like a lot, you can repurpose content that you’ve already made for your Idea Pins. If you have any video content, you can repurpose this footage as Idea Pins.

  • Reels
  • TikToks
  • Youtube Shorts

Make sure to add a title and description and choose the right keywords and tags for the content. 

Pinterest is rolling out a scheduling feature for Idea Pins on the mobile app, which makes the process much easier since you can schedule everything ahead within Pinterest.

You also need to make sure that you have boards created to save your pins to; you cannot pin properly without a board set up! 

Pinterest is rolling out links for Idea Pins, but not every account has access to this feature yet.

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Pin Creation

A key to making the lazy pinning strategy work is batch creation. Once a month, you can upload all of your Idea Pins to your phone and schedule them. Schedule your Standard Pins using your desktop. For this lazy Pinterest pinning strategy, schedule 1 Standard Pin and one Idea Pin to be published per day.

If you want to take an extra step, add a Video Pin to the mix! Repurpose your Idea Pins with the added text overlay as Video Pins. Video Pins can be scheduled in advance and have links attached. However, make sure that you don’t pin the same video content as an Idea Pin and a Video Pin on the same day! 

It’s definitely a good strategy because sometimes the algorithm will promote a Video Pin over an Idea Pin and vice versa; repurposing your content means that your audience is more likely to see it. But do it on different days so that you don’t seem spammy. This strategy can give you three Pins to your account per day.

This strategy doesn’t take up too much of your time but has good results if applied consistently.

This Pinterest pinning strategy doesn’t take up too much of your time but has good results if applied consistently. If you’re pinning two pins a day, you will have 180 pins in three months. That’s a lot of content that will keep working for you!

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