Expected Business Results to Achieve With Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, so it’s no surprise that brands know of many results to achieve with Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest has been the massive growth driver for many businesses that use it as part of their digital marketing strategy. 

In this article, we’re going to look at some examples of results you can expect from using Pinterest as a community building and an organic traffic-driving tool for your business.

Find a New Audience and Build an Engaged Community

Pinterest is a different beast than other social networks like Facebook or Instagram, so it might take some time to get used to. People come here because they love the inspiration and ideas that Pins give them. They’re not looking for another way to share cat photos—they want something new and fun!

Still, the pinner audience spends a lot of time on Pinterest. They come here to get ideas and inspiration, and they want the best of whatever they find. What you’ll find is that pinner audiences who follow you tend to be more engaged than other marketing channels.

“Pinners come here to get ideas and inspiration, and they want the best of whatever they find.”

A pinner might not buy something directly when following your account, but when they need it, they will remember you. Being exposed to the right Pinner at the right time can be a real difference maker in your business strategy!

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Build Brand Recognition

Pinners are 66% more likely to be open to new brands while shopping. And once they find a brand they like, they’re more loyal. Because Pinner audiences are active on Pinterest, there is potential for your business to get in front of an active, targeted audience. By publishing high-quality pins and sharing ideas that Pinterest users will love, you can establish yourself as the Pinner’s brand of choice.

Pinterest has a significant influence because it is so personal for customers. In fact, Pinners are 7 times more likely to claim that Pinterest is the most important platform in their purchase journey than on social media platforms.

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Drive Website Traffic and Conversions

When used properly and consistently, Pinterest may quickly become a substantial source of visitors to your website. After all, Pinterest has been the #2 source of social referral traffic for some time now, following Facebook.

Aside from the fact that Pinterest allows us to add a link to each and every standard pin image we share, Pinners are accustomed to click. Most users of social media platforms don’t want to click out of it to get what they want. Pinners, on the other hand, know and expect to click out of Pinterest to find what they are looking for. Pinners naturally tap on pins to find out more about it, going straight to the website link added to the pin.

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Increasing Website Sales as Top Results to Achieve With Pinterest

Pinterest is a high-intent platform, so people come here with already formed shopping ideas. They’re usually not just pinning for inspiration—they want to buy!

By providing pinner audiences with what they need and piquing their interest, you can inspire them to seek your products or services. If pinner audiences see that you offer what they’re thinking about buying, they’ll click on your pins to find out more. As pinner audiences convert into customers, you can expect an increase in sales.

Pinterest is perfect for e-commerce brands. By “setting-up shop” on Pinterest, you can add your catalog into the platform. Pinners will be able to find and view what your business has to offer, and they can click on your pins, going straight to your website where they can buy.

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Increase Email Sign-ups

Being able to share your links with an audience that is looking for ideas and the solutions you offer already seems like a great idea. Add to that the fact that this audience is ready to click and get your discount or freebie PDF and we have the perfect storm to build an email list!

Pinners aren’t always ready to buy what you are offering and may need a little warm-up. Attracting them with free value and inviting them to find out more about you is the key to build a clientele that will buy.

Create and share pin images that lead Pinners to your list. From there all you have to do is to build a relationship with them.

But keep in mind, achieving results on Pinterest take time and strategy. Pinterest is well-know for being a slow burn platform. As a visual search engine, the algorithm takes time indexing and understanding the content we share so it care share to the right people. On the upside, content shared to Pinterest has the longest life span among social platforms. The lifespan of a pin is at least from 6 months to one year.

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