How to Create Pin and Board Titles for Pinterest

Do you know how to create Pinterest pin and board titles for Pinterest? If you have been wondering the best way to do this, then continue reading to find out how. 

What Are Pin Titles?

A Pinterest pin title is like a blog post title, but it is used for a Pinterest pin. It will show in bold when you click the pin. Pin titles give context to Pinterest about:

  • what that pin is about
  • what it is that you’re talking about
  • to whom it should be shared when people are searching

You can create a title when you’re pinning from your website, pinning using Tailwind, or pinning straight on Pinterest. 

Why Use Keywords In The Title

When you create your title, make sure to use keywords. An essential part of any Pinterest strategy is doing your keyword research. When you research your keywords, you’re going to find out what words people use to search for what it is that you’re offering. Think about your audience.

How To Find Keywords

For example, suppose you are talking about copywriting, and your audience is somebody who wants to learn how to write copy. In that case, you’re probably going to be looking for something like copywriting for beginners, copywriter, or tips for copywriting. Those are all keywords that you’re going to search to create the pin title you’re going to use. 

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How To Create Your Pinterest Pin Title

Of course, use something related to the blog, the product, or the podcasts you’re sharing about. Create a title with up to 100 characters, keeping in mind that the first 30 characters are the most important.

If your post is talking about how to start copywriting as a freelancer, and that’s the blog title, you may want to use that tile. Just expand it a bit more to tie into the post like, the best five tips for beginner copywriters.

Instead of just using the title “The Best 5 Tips for Beginner Copywriters,” you can turn that into “The Best 5 Tips for Beginner Copywriters / How to Start Copywriting as a Freelancer.” That will be your Pinterest pin title, and it doubles up as a keyword for search.

It’s giving Pinterest a context on what it is about and where it should be searched. It’s a call to action, and it provides the person with an idea of what’s going to happen when clicking on the pin. This is why you want to make the title keyword-rich and intriguing. The more engaging your title is, the more likely someone will think, “Hey, I am going to click on this and read what it has to say.”

How To Make A Board Title

Now for the board title, people are not going to get to the back end of your account a lot, which means they’re not going to see your boards or your board titles often, and that’s okay. But nevertheless, you still want to create them.

When you create your boards, you want to create a title with keywords, like your pin title. You don’t have to worry about a call to action, but using the example for a copywriter, you could have a board named “Copywriting Tips for Beginners.” You are going to pull this all from your keyword research. You will have approximately 60-65 characters available for the board title.

The first half of the board title is what shows, but you want to expand because it matters for Pinterest. Pinterest uses whatever you put on your board title to help index the pins that will be going to that board. Instead of just having boards named best pins, best ideas, or best tips, you want to make them very specific about the content you’re going to have.

So if it is for copywriting, you’re going to use keywords related to that. You take it a step ahead and search copywriter in the search bar and see what other words come after or even before. Those are the words that people are using together to search for that. You’re telling Pinterest that the content that’s going on this board should show up to people searching for this.

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Summary on How to Create Pinterest Pin and Board Titles

When you are pinning for yourself, you can do whatever you choose. But if you’re using Pinterest for your business as a tool to generate traffic, you want to have a keyword-rich pin and board title. You want to be very specific. This is going to matter for the board title and the description.

Also, we want to have a heavily keyworded description talking about what it is. You can even throw in a “follow me” because that’s going to help Pinterest index the content that you’re putting on that board.

Every time you’re going to pin something new, you always want to pin to the most specific, most relevant board.

Every time you’re going to pin something new, you always want to pin to the most specific, most relevant board. You can go deep in those keywords and make sure it’s very specific and nothing generic. Then from there, you can branch to different, more generic boards.

Follow these tips on how to create Pinterest pin and board titles and you’re on your way to creating Pinterest success in no time! Happy pinning!

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