How to Explode Your Pinterest Views In 3 Easy Ways

What if there was something you could do that could almost guarantee thousands of Pinterest views and followers? Well, there’s something when done right, that can have such an impact!

My name is Tereza Toledo and I am a Pinterest expert. My goal is to make Pinterest marketing easy for you! 

Basics of Pinterest Views

Pinterest is well known for being a platform that takes time, a platform that usually doesn’t give organic results right away. But there is something that when used properly will help you grow faster! 

We all know that views and followers don’t guarantee website traffic and sales, but your followers are the first ones that see your new content and how they engage can help blow up your Pinterest views. The more views your pins get, the more chances you have to go viral and tap into conversions!

But how can you get more views and more followers?

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How to get More Views and Followers

The key to explode your Pinterest views and followers is to combine the right keywords and new images.

The key to explode your Pinterest views and followers is to combine the right keywords and new images.

Stay with me while I make this simple: Pinterest knows that pinners love new content and we know that using the right keywords is the way to find your audience.

By consistently creating and pinning fresh content that is exactly what people are looking for, you will be seen and found by the Pinterest users who are looking for what you offer and will follow and engage.

And how do you know what people want so you can create the right images or videos?

Importance of Keywords

That’s where keyword research comes in!

First, identify exactly what your target audience needs by answering the following questions:

  1. What are their pain points?
  2. What problems are they looking to solve?
  3. How can you make their lives better and easier? 

The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to connect with them.

Once you have a list of words and terms that your ideal client would be looking for on Pinterest, it’s time to find your keywords.

Second, go to the Pinterest search bar and type in the words and questions your audience would be looking for. Every time you type in a word, Pinterest will show you top ranking pins related to those words and suggest other terms that people can also be searching for. Pay attention to the results shown and take notes. 

This process is key to finding the keywords you should be using across your:

  • Pinterest profile
  • Pinterest bio
  • pin titles
  • pin descriptions
  • boards

Creating Pin Content

This process can also help you find out what kind of content related to your niche is trending and popular so you can create even more content that can go viral!

Now that you know exactly what your audience wants and you have added the right keywords to your profile, bio, and boards. It’s time to create!

The two kinds of pins that you should be creating right now are standard pins and idea pins.

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Standard Pins

Standard pins are your usual pins. Images that you can create using Canva, Pinterest, or any other software. You can add a link to each of those pins and that’s what makes them powerful: people can tap on them and go to your website! 

An updated successful pinning strategy involves pinning anywhere from 1-7 new standard pins a day and anywhere between 1-7 new idea pins a week.  And by new, I mean a new pin image or video (in the case of idea pins).

The easiest way to do this is to batch create at least 5 different images for each blog or product you have on your website. Then schedule them ahead using Pinterest itself, Tailwind, or any other scheduler so you don’t have to be on Pinterest all day. 

When creating or scheduling your pins, make sure to use the right keywords you found on the first step, the keywords your audience is searching for.

When writing each pin title and description, use as many keywords that are relevant to that blog or product. This will help Pinterest position your pins in front of the right people.

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Idea Pins

Idea pins are the latest pin format created by Pinterest. Despite a lot of talks and even hatred from the blogging community, idea pins are here to stay and they are not clickable. 

They were created to keep the pinner on Pinterest longer instead of clicking on a pin to get out of the platform. This sounds backward, I know. Most of us want people to click on our pins and go to our websites!

But hear me out, when used properly, Idea pins will help you gain more followers, engagement and eventually more link clicks!

Idea Pins may also decrease the need for constant long-form content creation (written blogs) and increase viewer interaction with your account profile and website. This means that you can create content within Pinterest and get fabulous results no matter what is going on right now!

The concept is simple: you’d grab your phone, open the Pinterest app and start creating Idea Pins by recording videos or taking pictures using the Pinterest Idea Pin suite, just like you would with TikTok or Instagram Reels. 

If you have already been creating vertical short video content, you can repurpose it to Pinterest, as long as you make the right tweaks. 

If you have already been creating vertical short video content, you can repurpose it to Pinterest, as long as you make the right tweaks. 

With your keywords in hand, your profile optimized for search, and the powerful pinning strategy shared in this video, you’ll be gaining views and followers in no time!

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