10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Viral on Pinterest Yet

Why haven’t your pins gone viral yet? How can you go viral on Pinterest?

We all want to go viral and not only on Pinterest. There used to be a time when we could go viral accidentally or without even thinking about it. Someone would pin an image from our site (usually an ugly random one) and boom! For whatever reason that pin, would skyrocket impressions and link clicks. But those times won’t come back.

The good news is that we can technically groom our account and create content that has huge potential to go viral.

What Viral on Pinterest Means

What does going viral mean? Going viral can be different for each account. For some it is to get thousands of views, for others millions of views. But in the end, going viral on Pinterest means having our content seen and engaged with a much higher number of people than we are used to. Therefore helping the account grow faster!

Going viral is never guaranteed on any platform, not even on TikTok where we are seeing accounts explode with views and followers almost overnight. But there are steps that can be taken that in the long game will help you gain traction at a faster pace and even go viral!

Going viral on Pinterest is a matter of positioning the right content, the right way in front of the right people.

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Your account hasn’t been setup properly or optimized

Go to your profile and take an honest look. Does it have a killer profile name and bio? Does it have the best keywords for your account? Does the banner tell more about your brand? Is your profile pic the same across all platforms? Did you provide Pinterest with all your business info? Does your profile look like a hot mess?

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You haven’t claimed your website yet

It’s crazy how many accounts simply overlook this step. If you are using Pinterest with the goal of getting people to go to your website, you need to add it to your account and claim it.

Add it on your profile and then go to Settings > Claim > Website and add the html code Pinterest gives you. If you are using Shopify, make sure to connect it using the app button.

You are not using the best keywords for your account

Pinterest is a visual search engine and keywords are pretty much Pinterest SEO. Using the proper keywords is a powerful way to get your account and content to show on search and on the smart feed so people can see it. Without the right keywords, it will take too long for your content to be seen by your audience and you are missing a huge chance to go viral on Pinterest.

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Your boards are a huge mess

Your boards are the folders that contain and organize your content. Having the right boards named with the right keywords for your content tells the Pinterest algorithm important information about your pins. It’s like an extra layer of SEO that you are adding to your pins and account. Go over your boards, make sure they are all named and keyworded properly.

You are not creating pins consistently

Pinterest needs consistency. In order to get the most of it, you need to be creating fresh pins daily. Pinterest craves new images. Your pinning strategy must include fresh pin images being pinned daily. You can schedule them ahead of time, you can create multiple pins with different images for each URL you share. But you must have fresh pins coming in daily to up your odds of going viral on Pinterest.

Your pins don’t stand out on the feed, are not easy to see and read, or simply don’t relate to your niche

This one is a no-brainer, but people forget it. Pinterest is a visual search engine and people will find your content and decide to take action based on how your pin looks. Plus people are scrolling super fast when looking for content. If your pins are not attractive, are hard to read and don’t stand out among other pins, they will never get picked.

Don’t over design your pins. Avoid cluttered images. Avoid using script fonts that are hard to read. Pay attention to the contrast and that your pin can be seen in an ocean of pins. Check out the link below to effectively make your pins go viral on Pinterest.

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You are not approaching Pinterest as a solution and inspiration provider

Nobody wants to deal with a brand that only wants to sell. Create content that gives value, that inspires, that offers Pinterest users something that can make their lives better and solve their problems.

Bro marketing tactics and only pinning salesy content will not get the audience to fall in love with your brand. The more you offer and give in terms of valuable content, the more they will go after you!

You are not using Idea Pins (video)

It’s becoming almost impossible to grow and benefit from Pinterest organically without creating idea pins and video content. Not only is Pinterest highly invested in this latest pin format, but video is the best attention grabber that we have at the moment.

Short-form videos are easy to be created using your phone and the Pinterest app, and are key to connect and engage with an audience that will become loyal to your brand! This is a great way to to help go viral on Pinterest.

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You are not using seasonality and pinning at the right times

Pinterest is an evergreen platform and searches are heavily based on seasonality. People will search for Christmas content at certain times, for example. Knowing the search trends ahead of time and knowing when to pin your seasonal content will give your content an incredible boost.

Remember, the content you pin today needs time to circulate and be shown to the right people. Pinning Christmas content on Christmas day is not the way to go. To know exactly what to pin and when to pins, check my free Pinterest Yearly Planner below.

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You haven’t given it enough time

This is one of the hardest parts of growing a Pinterest account. Time. Pinterest takes time. You must have your account optimized and implement a proper pinning strategy for a while before seeing results, especially going viral on Pinterest.

Some accounts may take-off faster than others, depending on niche, content, volume of content, seasonality and other factors. Plan to invest in your Pinterest account for at least 6 to 9 months to see growth.


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