How to Sell More with Pinterest for Your Business

How can you sell more with Pinterest? Is it possible to learn how to sell more using Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the best free online marketing tools available to business owners and can help you grow your sales organically!

Pinterest is a visual search engine that is growing at an astronomically fast rate, with 5 billion monthly searches. That means if you use Pinterest right, it could be a goldmine for your business – giving you access to potentially millions of engaged eyeballs.

As for website traffic, Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic to shopping sites than Facebook, 71% more than Snapchat, and 200% more than Twitter. The chances to explode YOUR online business on Pinterest are enormous!

What to Sell Using Pinterest

If you are already selling products, selling them on Pinterest is a fantastic approach to boost sales. People are using Pinterest to discover new things and ideas that will be part of their lives.

All of that inspiration and planning – along with amazing ideas shared by creators on Pinterest – contribute to sales. Indeed, 72% of Pinners claim that Pinterest has inspired them to shop when they weren’t really shopping!

Before you start working on your pinning strategy, make sure that your product is compliant with Pinterest terms of service.

If you don’t sell physical goods, it can still be worthwhile to use with Pinterest for your business. It’s a very visual social media platform and will give your brand more authority and credibility if you share relevant pins on your board(s).

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Steps For How to Sell More with Pinterest

Pinterest Profile

First off: set up your profile. Add your business name, website, and an optimized bio that describes what you do. Add your website and follow Pinterest prompts in your account settings to claim it.

Adding and claiming your website is a powerful step that many skip. When you provide this information to Pinterest, not only do you benefit from having your website link available to the audience right in your profile, but you’ll establish a stronger connection with Pinterest as a legit business.

Keyword Research

Spend some time researching on Pinterest. As a visual search engine, Pinterest relies on images/videos and keywords to share the content pinned with the right people when they search for it.

Know your audience and what they are looking for. The first step should be to identify your precise niche and target audience. Be very direct and specific in describing the problems they want to solve and what solutions they are searching for. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to connect with them.

“Be very direct and specific in describing the problems they want to solve and what solutions they are searching for.”

Once you have a list of words and terms that your ideal client would be looking for on Pinterest, it’s time to find your keywords.

Type in the terms and words you came up with Pinterest on the search bar and watch what happens. Pinterest populates it with related words and starts showing you different pin images and videos. Take notes on the words that Pinterest auto-populates in the search bar. Those will be the keywords you should use.

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Optimize Boards

Using those keywords, you should start creating your Pinterest boards. Boards are the “folders” where you will be saving your pins in an organized manner. Create 3 – 5 boards as a starting point. Make sure to name and describe them using the keywords you found. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, and adding keywords is the best way to get your content seen!

Pin Creation

Before you start pinning, go back to your profile and make sure that your bio has at least a few of the top keywords that your audience is searching for.

Pins are the equivalent of posts. Focus on using images or videos that showcase your products, services, or ideas related to them. You can save content from other accounts, but it’s perfectly fine to use only content that is original to your brand and business.

There are different pin formats, but as a starting point, you should:

  • create 1 to 3 new standard pins a day
  • 1 to 3 Idea pins a day

Notice that I said, “create new pins”. Create new pins means pins that have different images from the ones used before. Pinterest will require some image and video creation. It’s perfectly fine to include Pinterest in your social media content creation stream and repurpose existing content as long as it is adjusted to suit the platform.

Make sure to create several pins for each and every product or blog you have on your website. If you don’t have a blog yet, consider creating one. Blogs are an excellent way to guide an audience to your website in a non-salesy way while building your website SEO. If you have no idea how to start creating a blog, check Content Cucumber.

“Pins can be seen by pinners and generate traffic to your website for months if not years.”

Investing in high-quality photos, engaging descriptions, and high-converting landing pages can pay off for months or years. In fact, while most of your reach on social media happens in 24 hours of posting, on Pinterest your content takes longer to circulate but lasts longer than any social media post. Pins can be seen by pinners and generate traffic to your website for months if not years.

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Patience and Consistency

This also means that when you want to market more on Pinterest, you should be patient, understanding that overnight success on Pinterest is uncommon rather than the norm. But with persistence, sales and consistency, it WILL arrive.

It may take a while to get the first sell from Pinterest because you will have to get your content seen first and nurture your audience before they can trust your brand enough to make a purchase. However, once you’ve reached that stage, your sales will steadily increase over time.

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